Wiser Heat: The easier, smarter heating system

[MUSIC PLAYING] Introducing Wiser, the beautifully
simple heating system from Drayton. It’s easy to install and
use from app to thermostat, and it benefits from over 60 years
of engineering know how, making it the wiser choice for smart home heating. Personalizing your home
couldn’t be more affordable. Start with our wireless
smart dream thermostat, which can be installed
in a matter of minutes, and create your own multizone
system by adding a radiator thermostat to each of your
rooms whenever you need, giving you complete control and
comfort throughout your home. With our Wiser app,
life couldn’t be easier. It works with the latest smart
technology, Amazon Alexa, allowing you to go
completely hands free. And with our unique
Eco Mode, Wiser learns how to heat your home,
understanding the impact of weather and when to adjust the
schedule to save you money. Whether you’re at home
or anywhere in the world, you’re in complete control of
your heating and hot water. And with the flexibility of
Wiser’s multizone system, you can create a heating solution
that’s right for you, from one room to up to 16 different
rooms, giving you control of the temperature
throughout your home whilst helping to save money on your energy bills. Wherever you are, whenever you need it. Wiser, the simpler, smarter,
and altogether better way to personalize your home heating. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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