Woocommerce dropshipping Aliexpress + Bigbuy + Banggood + Ebay + Tmart

Hello Everybody This is our website https://wooshark.com in there you can find all our plugins and many details of each plugin You can insall the extension by clicking dowload extension Once you buy the extension, it will be installed automatically on your browser This is the configuration screen, here you can connect to your shop, you do this only once. The first field you write your store url (need to follow the following syntax https:// or http:// do not use www on your store url otherwise it will not connect the second field and the third field are client key and secret key, you generate them as following go to woocommerce ->setting ->advanced ->keys/apps then add new key Be carefull, you need to set read/write permissions Copy and paste the generated values on the second and thrird field, if you received an error message when you try to connect, check that you have set correctly your permalinks that you did not use www on your store url once connected successfully, you can import products to your shop This modal allow you to customize your products before import Gereral tab allow to provide general details of the product, PN: The general tab can be different if the product is simple (means has no variations example size, color, et..) for simple product, you will be able to set price on general tab, sku attribute, weight in general tab, for variable product you need to do this on the variations tab, This is description editor, it allows you to remove pictures, text, … from the description one by one, you can select a picture and click del button, when you finish click save button all modification will be persisted when you import the product you add specification table aswell, this editor is very rich and allow to do many things The tab Gallery, allows you to handle the list of images that be displayed on the product page you can include images from the description, sometimes the description contains more images that the gallery, click the checkbox to impor them Reviews tab is very powerfull, it allows you to import reviews from aliexpress webpage select the checkbox import review for all reviews you want to import and click import reviews You can customize the imported reviews, you can add new reviews by clicking the button add review Variations tab is specific for variable products (which have variations example size, color, …) values of variations are editable, you can remove combinations that you do not like, you apply price formula you can edit quantity Specific attriutes tab contains all the details that will be visible on the tab specifications, the table is filled automatically with all specifications you can edit, remove add specifications import your product and it will be available on your store. that’s all The sale apply for banggood, bigbuy, tmart and ebay


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