Working Hard for the Spinach | Camper Van Life S1:E41

this week we drive the camper van from
Tucson Arizona to Las Cruces New Mexico along the way Kait works on a farm, we
take a step back in time explore an old mining town and I stock up on chilies. One of the things I’ve been looking
forward to as we’re traveling around the country
work on a farm and I finally get to do that today
so we’ve drove down from Tucson last night to Benson
spent the night at the love all right let’s do this
you got me up early so let’s go and you haven’t had coffee yet all right off to
the farm and I have my outfit on for the day
ready to go oh babe how’s it going harvesting some
spinach I took a taste that stuff is pretty good yeah exchange program a
little different than my one day stint at the farm you don’t mind me sharing
your story sure babe nick is originally from Maryland and he came out here to be
in a warmer weather and something different but Nick is a firefighter and
when he’s not firefighting he’s doing some other fun activities right now
harvesting spinach with me so what’s after the spinach after the
spinach carrots what time is it anyway it is almost 11:00 quarter to 11:00 time
flies when you’re having fun yeah it does it doesn’t get any fresher than
this No the food grown here is delicious yes it
is I can’t wait to taste the carrot and what web variety was this again
there mohkum carrots mocha yeah slender pencil like mmm good stuff
taste it oh man nips um the greens it’s a part of the
parsley family Oh yummy yeah I never cooked those
carrots no that would be a wave they typically don’t even make it to the cut
see my fridge this would be something you buy at the market and eat on the way
home I’ve seen CSA members pick it up and we bundle them into like five or six
and she she takes them and just puts the whole yeah I want to make sure I don’t
pick them too small just go out to the really bushy ones yank it out without
ripping off the Greens so definitely don’t grab the green Oh getting my hands
dirty I think we’re going after about 28 pounds 28 pounds and I don’t X amount of
carrots however it turns out – we’ll just wait figuratively I brought you a
bunch of carrots for lunch thank you I’m gonna go back through and
pick some more cuz we’re short okay back to work and what’s up doc without me I’m
hungry it’s hard work sitting in a van watching you digging the dirt I’m having
a ball good see you later enjoy so you got all
your carrots babe let’s see pretty thank you
and I’m talking about the carrots I know ladybug so I’m with Joe the farmer and
owner of south wind farm and if people are interested in learning about your
sustainable way of farming and how you do things they can reach out about a
work exchange program yep you can see our listing on help X go to our website
triple W south winds farm org and you can look at our Instagram feed at south
wind farmers thank you so much for having us you’re welcome
that was a hard day’s work my back is already a little sore but so rewarding
and well worth it I got all of this stuff in exchange for my work garlic
carrots butternut squash that is just absolutely divine and the Carmel spinach
that I’m crazy about enough about me what have you been up to all day worked
on responding to a lot of email and patreon comments stuff like that but for
those who are wondering why I wasn’t out working it’s not because I didn’t want
to it’s because I’m really not able to I have a bad back and all that bending
over to pick and harvest the produce would have been killer for me I don’t
think I could have lasted the full four hours that they were out there well you
get to enjoy the fruit of my labor I’d quite literally yes I do entering
tombstone let’s go find a parking spot let’s see what tombstone is all about so
where’s the gunfight it’s over there but I think you need tickets howdy like I’m in a Western so what do
you think so far western Christie type of town yeah it’s like watching walking
through movie set with gift shops just enjoy it for what it is that was a fun walk some interesting
history but let’s head on down to Bisbee he’s a very cool little town of course
you find a spot right in front of the coffee shop of course leave me our market Bisby you want a
free sticker there it is all right my love you lead the way okay
this reminds me of a huge around who’s Weaver’s all right we better keep going
there are more businesses ahead and we’re in Las Cruces New Mexico time
to hit up the farmers market makes me really miss leo it’s really
strange being here without them I don’t know van life without leo my heart aches so would you get so far so far we have
Jerusalem artichoke and locally grown pecan apparently pecans in addition to
chiles are a big part of the New Mexico economy baby husky what’s his name?
PeeWee! So you and your husband started the farm or his family okay
well I’ve read wonderful things about your children thank you yeah
all right off to El Paso okay you need direction any direction okay thank you guys so much for watching if
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