Wow I Look So Much Older Now…My Reaction To My First Youtube Video – Homestead Tessie – Real Talk

so I’m at 20,000 subscribers and I want
to share with your little video about why that is so important to me and we’re
gonna have a reaction video I’ve never done this before I’m sharing with you
the very first video I made not quite three years ago and it’s the first video
I made showing my face I thought I would share with you guys today some of the
cleaning products I do use and when I first started this journey I was so
bombarded with all the new organic products and I was out trying to buy
everything and that became a money pit which is easy to do first thing I’m
thinking is wow how much younger I love and it’s only been 19 three years I
started making my videos soon after I had an operation I had a gallbladder
operation I had lost a lot of weight and I had a life-threatening condition
because of it I had pancreatitis and some issues after the operation I was
really weak and I cannot help but notice how much younger I look and I just it’s
amazing there’s so much about me that it’s the same from then to today but
there’s so much about me that is different I gained quite a bit of weight
since my very first video a lot of that has to do with just my age I think I’ve
had a lot of stress in these last couple years and so many things have changed in
my life I am really amazed at the quality content of the video it was
given to me by my son a little iPad that was really old and in the video you see
me bending over to pick something up there was no editing in those videos and
while people like real light sometimes you do have to edit a video you know so
let’s keep watching so I will show you the products I use which basically cost
pennies all right so these are the basic
products that I used Armen handers laundry washing soda this I use for my
laundry detergent and I used to make my dish soap a little bit goes a long way
and I will share what my recipes with you in a future post
I stood there’s so many writing things out there that you can easily find them no homestead should be without baking
soda and baking soda is reasonably very cheap too and I use this as my scouring
powder I use this good thing you’ve talked quite well in my speaking and
explaining do this in my laundry soap as well white vinegar right vinegar is so
great for everything for disinfecting all my tails disinfecting my washer tub
and what I do with my vinegar is I add a little tea tree oil so this would be
full with vinegar add a couple drops of tea tree oil and that is a disinfectant
of Cour all right couple drops of eucalyptus oil this I saw in Duggan
Stacey’s offer in homestead and this is amazing
um I think I got this for six dollars and a couple drops in the vinegar and
you put it as a so you hear me say about Doug and Stacey it’s hard to believe but
back then Duggan Stacey wasn’t the big channel
they are today and Doug would numerously comment my videos and as you know in a
video I’ve done way in the past you know I told him I would never become anything
on YouTube and he said the words never say never testy and I know from time to
time he used to stop in and check my channel and it is just amazing it’s just
amazing how far you know I’ve come because of all of you and I’m just so
grateful okay fabric softener in your washer or like me when I hand washed and
the scent is amazing and when I lined my stuff in the dryer I
mean in out in the clothesline or I have it in my drying rack the vinegar
dissipates and the small eucalyptus is there and it is amazing it’s very strong
so you don’t need much of it but it is amazing when your clothes are dry it
smells so fresh and clean so so walmart sells it for 97 cents and this is a big
bar this I use from a homemade laundry so I’m sure you’ve seen all the recipes
but I don’t need to share that and I use this for a little bit of my dish soap as
well I keep it canister with my dish soap water in it and I just put a couple
squirts in each time the fellows mapa there’s twice a price and I don’t really
care for the set of it but if you do have really greasy clothes if your
husband does you know a lot of outside work or there’s a lot of machinery work
you might want to try the fellas napa but this gets the average clothes really
clean and it has a really clean smell while my voice doesn’t go with my sound
of our soup yes I know $10 to $12 per bottle but Nick nurse lucky like me I
found this $4 75 at my local thrift store this stuff can go a long way
couple squirts then when I make my gallon of dish soap a couple squirts and
it down on the water or two gallons of water for washing the floors it’s all
you need so this can last a long time you also can use this as shampoo I’ve
been doing that for a little while now I have no problems with it some people
think it dries the hair out but I haven’t had a problem with that this
stuff is great now with the essential oils in the beginning of my journey I
got really into essential oils and they’re great I have nothing against
them but we can’t so expensive when you get the off grant grade ones herbs don’t
ten and eleven dollars a bottle but I do get two they keep on hand all time and
it’s over here as you can see it’s the peppermint
and it’s the lemon oil and lemon oil I use like again with vinegar and a couple
drops of that and that smells really amazing too so that’s just an idea this
is what I use I barely use anything else if somebody gives me some products that
they no longer want I’m really known for that if people have things they don’t
want they know where they can send them because they know that I’ll use them up
but my own spending purchasing money that’s what I use that is what I use for
everything have a great day everyone see you real soon Wow I think it’s all
self explanatory you know there’s that innocence there and no matter how much
of that innocence you have in the beginning you lose a little bit of that
just simply because it’s the hard knocks of life and the hard knocks of YouTube
you know that’s my very first video where I’m showing my face and it’s like
maybe the fourth video and you know it’s really amazing and I’ve come a long way
and I have so much further to come you know who knows in another couple years
when I do this reaction video what will I look like it makes you
really it makes you really wonder what life is gonna hold I never told anybody
this not even my husband but when I made my very first videos I often thought
about what would it be like to be on YouTube and in those days make it big to
me making it big was ten thousand subscribers but in the back of my mind I
always thought what if I could get twenty thousand subscribers you know I
don’t know why that number played such a role with me I really should go back and
see what number Doug and Stacey was at that time I know they weren’t very very
big there must have been someone that had a channel that was 20,000
subscribers that I just really admired a lot has
happened in his last couple years and I don’t remember the reason why but 20,000
subscribers was something that I deep-down longed to have maybe I thought
at 20,000 subscribers life would be easier for us here at home or maybe I
just thought that was a goal that was just unimaginable and so I fantasized
about it you know what do I say I often say it’s like a football game I often
say it’s like people that are in the public eye that one great awards I often
say it’s like a preacher who is preaching it’s the people that are there
it’s what makes you who you are and you know if you have let’s just say the
Eagles football team if nobody watched their games they would never have won
championships they haven’t would never won Super Bowls
and if they did it wouldn’t have mattered because there would have been
nobody there to see it the channels will say you know I’ve made 10,000 I’ve made
20,000 I made 50,000 I made a hundred thousand they didn’t make anything it’s
because of the people who watch their Channel I say this I say I’ve made a
platform I did I made a platform but if nobody heard my voice nobody was
interested in my life I wouldn’t be anywhere and tomorrow it could all be
gone I remember back when I first made my channel when I got my first 300 and
then I got my first 500 and I got my first thousand and then at my ten
thousand giveaway I gave everyone garden seeds that needed it that wanted it at
that time I had a window of opportunity and I gave over 750 envelopes to
different residences of my garden seeds because I wanted to pay back people for
what they’ve done for me I wanted to give something back
you have all these giveaways and the only one person wins or two people win
and you’re all winners burries have really helped me there were
times in my life in my youtube channel that were very stressful
there were times in my life where I had relationships where I didn’t know how to
handle it because people would do this or people would do that I would cry at
night because I was so afraid and I would cry at night because of things
people said to me that hurt my feelings you know I came a long way neither of
those things bother me anymore whatsoever I’ve learned to stand on my
own two feet but that’s not because I did it on my own there were many times
that came on my channel and I asked you could you lift me up and you held me
over those times I made a lot of mistakes in my youtube channel I’ve made
a lot of failures I have a lot of flaws but one thing holds true is that I’m
always honest and open when I make mistakes I publicly tell you I’ve made
mistakes when things are said I probably try to be honest in my reactions to them
it’s been hard at times it hasn’t been easy but you all given me that strength
and my courage to go on the Lord allowed me to have a youtube channel because the
Lord allowed me to have a voice the Lord gave me strength to start all of this
but the Lord used all of you whether you believe in him or not
he used you to help build me up this circle always goes around you often say
how I helped you through some difficulties in your life you helped me
and I just really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart I am NOT I don’t
take it for granted that I am here I take it for granted about the 20000
subscribers there were always people that come and go in your life and
somebody told me one day and it made so much sense they said people were like
leaves on the tree some stay on the tree and others just blow away with the wind
but my core audience and my core supporters are here with me to think of
all of the people that are still here after so long here’s to another 20,000
subscribers take care of you one I’ll see you guys tomorrow this video is the
dedication to my son Scott he’s sawing me destiny he saw me that I
had a voice his whole life he knew me his whole life he knew only one thing
that I was his mom he knew that my whole life was dedicated to my children at the
age of 17 I got married I quit high school and by the age of 19 I had three
children he knew I lived a very sheltered life
my life was revolved around my children and my husband for years he asked me to
do a YouTube channel but for years I said no I said to him what could I do
what could I say because at that time my self-esteem was
so low I had an ugly front tooth and I really wasn’t a social type person in
public he said mom you have a story to tell he said mom you will find some
friends did he get me into YouTube through these last couple of years he’s
made great sacrifices me cameras he’s given me computers in the last four
weeks he’s given me hours of his time children my two daughters and my son
believe in me and they believe in what I’m doing
my husband fully believes in me he believes in what I’m doing without them
I would have never done this sorry this video got a little long but there were
some things that needed to be said credits that needed to be given and my
husband always seen in me that I had potential even when I fail to think so I
grew up not believing in myself I grew up feeling I didn’t have any potential just
to know that somebody cares somebody loves you it’s all the support you need
sometimes I tell people love you my sister love you my brother that confused
a lot of people when they came to my channel they didn’t understand even
though I’ve done videos about it I don’t see you as a number but as a subscriber
as a friend you don’t have number 20 or 50 you are my friends you’ve been with
me through thick and thin and I’m honored to call you my family you


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