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ok so I’ve been using this WP affiliate plugin for well just over two weeks and I’ve done a post on the blog to show you what the wp affiliate plugin has actually done for me. I really thought video was the
best way to go with this to give you a proper live example of it now if you
actually on my blog watch this video of course all this all makes sense because
you’ve got the actual you know the full review before the video if you want if
you watch this on youtube or some oils then please follow the link below the
video I’m not a direct to the post on my blog now give your thought overview of
this product called the availability of legislation a quick video here will not
do is this is products are about to release called the ebook offered Academy
now why I wanted was you know some of what you gettin some decent email swipes
and banners that you know joint venture partners and affiliates can use you know
if they want to promote my bottom and salsa money I wants to make it that much
easier for the mild weather can just simply you know get their affiliate URL
direct from JVC and then put it into into a tool on my website click you know
there with them automatically placed within the email swipes you know within though the banner ads
etc so here we are my JAV affiliate tools and resources page for the cost of
government money do is just scroll down the page you see that’s why some reason
made made it made three short videos where you’re not everyone is you know
that our clients in with a figure who you are and how to get them now and I
you know what to do with us as a few short videos there were bypassed those I
got stuck the tools and you see that when you use affordable
to you you know what whatever you you you put into the program is so populates so sure which you can click on
August rates you know it’s not part of your tolls the
show into talks about how to you know actually use this tool and then once
someone’s got there they’re full of JD’s URL all things to do is is put into that
box and then click on personalized affiliate sales so far just over to my
JVC page for the eve of Public Enemy and why do is get loans that would give him
my full review although enjoy these thoughts copy that and go back to the
jayvee Tools page material just paste in the URL click on personalized affiliate
tools then when we scroll down the page you should notice here they’ve got this
email one can see that way just as automatically pasted in your full JV’s
feeling URL and this is the same for all the emails I’ve put in here and also extras like you know in a
couple of blog posts which your feelings can adapt and use on the on their blogs
on the web size and you see those populated you know the full fully
finished your well in that as well on course I’ll be theirs not mine the film centers on these also you know
the council last so that they are only being see their waste posted in again
the same you know throughout this tool I’m just scroll down a bit more than
welcome to banner adverts and again thanks to them so it’s here on the bottom of page again
on subsidies know your ass here you’ve got an ADS extras to this tool as well I
am like a boss fast action bonus that which affiliates can offer their
subscribers and customers if they take a class action by this product and another
actually did that when he said these are directly on JB zoo when you add them to
the availability so basic Islamic oh they can you know put into Jamie’s even
get $5 off you know you know that membership so it’s a quick overview of
what’s been billed as done for me I’m very happy with it you know there’s
nothing like making things as easy as possible for no joint venture partners
and affiliates that there really isn’t so I hope this gives you some idea of
what about walking over to the building could do for you and I get this on my
blog then please click on the link below this video to go to the blog because
there’s a bit more about you know I know all the view you know about this product
will give you some ideas about how to use and what this WP affiliate plugin can do for you so thanks for watching and I’ll see you
next week


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