WP Auto Commissions Review & Bonus Offer – Watch WP Auto Commissions Review & Get 100+ HQ Bonuses

Hey, Sam here. Let’s talk about WP Auto Commissions. Just a few seconds to check my huge list of
high quality bonuses included in this offer. Let’s be honest here:
The more methods to monetize your site you have,
the more money you can make. WP Auto Commissions is a WordPress Plugin,
that allows you to monetize your blog, in 17 different ways. Not only adsense, or banner ads, you will
find 17 methods, to get the most out of your site. You can recommend Ebay Products & Earn Commissions
Automatically, promote products from Clickbank, Envato, AliExpress, Amazon, Walmart, Best
Buy and much more. Adsense ads. Add your Adsense code, decide the position,
and if you want to display your ads all across your site, or on specific post and pages. Banner Ads. Add any number of banners you want, decide
where you want to display your banners. Text Ads. You can create your own style of adsense ad. It can be any type of link, or any offer you
want to promote. Image Ads. Place image ads anywhere in the post, promote
any type of offer you want with an image. Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, Walmart Products. Add some keywords and the products will show
up automatically. Your ad will have a description, an image
and a “more info” button, which links directly to amazon, ebay, aliexpress or walmart. Envato products. You can fetch any number of products from
Envato, and show them at the bottom or in the middle of your post. Clickbank products. Add affiliate offers from Clickbank inside
your post, and earn a commission. Inline Links. Turn any text or phrase into an offer link. Choose a keyword, and make it a link, all
across your site automatically. Add any number of keywords and links. In Text Ads. Show an image for any keyword you want, people
can click on the image, and you earn a commission. Add any number of keywords and links, all
across your site, or on specific post or pages. Floating CTA. Add any number of floating call to actions,
with buttons, to your Posts. When the visitor scrolls down your page, the
ad will appear. Top Bar. Add a bar at the top of your site, with a
call to action, and a link that brings your visitors, to any offer page you want. Simple slider. Add a slider option, on the side of your page. When the visitor clicks on the button, an
image with the offer will appear. Pop up. Add a pop up on your site, with any offer
you want. It can be shown all across your site, or
on specific pages.

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