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Hey guys Spencer Coffman here today I’m going
to show you a cool plug-in called WP product comparison now this plug-in is different from
any other product comparison plug-in because it is entirely customizable and it’s your
choice on what you want it to do most of the product comparisons are kind of specific to
one brand if you remember I did one before review on affiliate product comparison it
was one that was specifically for Amazon and you just select from the options so you’d
grab your whatever you wanted if you want to do an iPhone and then it would give you
all kinds of features you want to do you want to put the size in there the price pictured
you want to have specs speed this that you could put all that in there and checkboxes
and then it would populate the table for you this plug-in is self populated which means
it is like a blank sheet and you’re gonna put in anything you want if you want pictures
prices codes names titles whatever you want you put it in and it’s entirely up to you
and customized as well now a big benefit with that is you’re not tied to Amazon per se so
you could do a product comparison table and link people to Amazon eBay Commission Junction
you could put links in your same table for any affiliate network you want now one thing
that is a little bit of a disadvantage with this plug-in is the only way to do that is
by using HTML so you need to know how to create your product affiliate link and put it into
an HTML form and link it to an image in your table that way when they click it it will
go to the place you want them to go so to get started obviously you would load up this
plug-in you can see it’s add new product comparison so once you have the plug-in loaded you’re
going to add a new table we’re going to title this table iPhone table and then here you
can control anything you like with color text size shading color header sizes borders or
whatever you want so we’re going to leave it all this same except I’m going to move
the header up to 16 so you will see a little bit of difference with the sizing down here
this is the default it starts out with a few columns and one row so we’re going to add
a couple more rows and then I’m going to get rid of one column because I am going to have
an iPhone 5 iPhone 6 and an iPhone 7 for our comparison okay so the first thing you could
do here is place an image if you like so we’ll just title this one image and then we’re going
to grab our images now you can have plenty of built in images now these would be like
if you want to do a rating or whether or not it has a certain feature so like if you want
to say is it waterproof you could put like a check mark or a thumbs up or a green circle
or something like that and if it isn’t you could put like a red X or a thumbs down or
something like that so those are all built in fully customizable that you can use now
if you want to add your own image so let’s say we want an image of an iPhone 5 we can
click on this little button and it brings us to our media library where you could either
upload files or I have already uploaded some that we can use and you can select that go
to the next one we’ll grab an iPhone 6 and here we’ll grab an iPhone 7 again this could
be a downfall because you have to host all of these images on your website in order to
use on the product comparison table in addition these images when clicked they don’t really
go anywhere you could probably HTML these to go somewhere however then it might not
retrieve this image so you would have to do this within your WordPress editor and get
like another plugin that could put image links in images so then after that we’re going to
give these maybe a rating so you can see that feature and we’ll just do stars so let’s rate
this and as three stars will write this one as four stars and will rate this one as five
stars getting people to buy the iPhone 7 okay then down here obviously you need a place
for these people to go so we’re going to use Amazon for this one just go to your Amazon
affiliate links and you can create your own HTML links through there they provide you
with all of the code and the banners this way you do not have to know how to make HTML
you can simply copy it from them so we’ll go here this is an iPhone 5 and we’ll copy
that paste it right in there go here and grab the iPhone 6 paste it right there and we’ll
go here and grab the iPhone 7 and we’ll paste it right there okay so our table is complete
obviously you could add more rows and columns if you wanted to do another iPhone or if you
wanted to get into iPhone 6 pluses 7 pluses or if you wanted to do more rows on maybe
you want a price in there or sizes dimension colors anything you like you can fully add
or subtract any columns or rows now let’s say you messed up and you wanted to put the
rating above the picture that’s no problem because you could click it and drag it right
up there and move it around so no problem there you don’t have to delete it and start
over now our table is pretty good so we’re going to hit publish okay now it’s published
so you could take this little short code right here and put it right in your WordPress post
editor and this table would populate or you can try it with this view post option so we’re
just going to try it there and see how it looks and it doesn’t work fancy that let’s
try the short code so posts we’re going to add a new post okay well title this iPhone
will put our short code in and publish the post and let’s view the post and doesn’t work
okay so that’s no surprise this is uh I’ve tried this many times and still can’t get
it to work so therefore the plugin is great because you can fully customize everything
however if it’s not going to work then it’s not going to work so I would say you could
get this plug-in at your own risk but basically if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work so what’s
the point and the fact that you have fully customizable HTML a lot of people don’t know
that and with HTML if like we copied it right from Amazon and put it in here so one thing
to note is that the amazon codes this is a lot of iframes and there are a lot of spaces
well maybe the spaces don’t populate in here you can see we have you know all these it’s
a long thing and then this so I don’t know maybe you know but nobody wants to be messing
around with code like that unless you know code very well and if you do then it’s fine
but if you don’t this is more of a hassle and it’s worth get a different plugin that
will allow you to check from boxes and select from there so that is the affiliate product
comparison review I would say if you know code or HTML then it’s a great plug-in to
use if not stick with one that is pre branded and you can check from boxes and it populates
a table for you until next time you

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