WP Quick Promote Review 2019 (Drive Facebook Traffic to Affiliate Links) ✅

greetings Chris here from selfmadenewbie.com. Welcome to this WP Quick Promote review for those of you out
there having problems with promoting affiliate products on Facebook this is
going to really help you out essentially WordPress quick promote is a
plugin that you can use on your WordPress site that will enable you to
link from Facebook to your affiliate products without Facebook detecting your
JV zoo warrior plus click Bank etc links and it will not ban those links you will
not be penalized at all for promoting affiliate links so if you’re used to
getting this Facebook message on your screen whenever you go to promote one of
your products that will now be a thing of the past
now I have WP quick promotes here with me today and we’re gonna take a deep
dive into it in just a second and I’ll show you exactly how it works and how
you can make money from it there was a test group also using WordPress quick
promotes and they found really excellent results and this has been something that
a lot of people have been wanting for a long time now while these people found
success starting on step one you’re gonna find even more success I feel
because I’m gonna kick you up and you’re gonna start rolling on step five and the
reason I say that is because I’ve gotten also for you five really cool bonus
products that are going to supplement WP quick promote really well for you before
we get into that though it really helped me out if you drop the like on this
video and if you want to have immediate access to new content that comes out hit
subscribe and turn on that barrel notification just quickly if at any time
you want to check out WordPress quick promote on your own check out the
bonuses or the sales page you want to go through the link in the description and
once you click the link in the description you will go to my bonus
product sales page which looks like this my bonus page is integrated with the WP
quick promotes sales page so that means that these bonuses are only available
through my link and the way it works is where
you click the link in the description you’ll go to this page and if you click
on any of these green buttons here what that does is it locks in these bonus
products for you so that when you go ahead and purchase WordPress quick
promotes that and all of these bonus products will be sent to you in one big
bundle ready for you to access all together immediately
now most people out there who are offering bonuses they tend to go for
like you know they scour the web for outdated PDFs and free products that
don’t really give you any value so you know if you like collecting old PDFs go
for it by all means but if you want some bonus products that have a proven track
record of having helped people in the past and you know are gonna work for you
then you might want to check these bonuses out really quickly before we get
into the demo bonus number one here is called a seven-figure mastery now
seven-figure mastery is a thirty two part course that is just gonna provide
you with everything you need to know in order to start an online business so
topics covered are sales funnels setting up your own business affiliate marketing
high ticket offers spying on the market the craft strategy step by step of
affiliate marketing copywriting how to choose the best products criteria of the
best products google adwords promo secrets how to triple your commissions
bonus techniques optimizing google adwords
solo ads Facebook Ads getting in with warrior special offers search engine
optimization Instagram Tumblr Pinterest it’s just a massive massive bundle that
you’re gonna get so much out of bonus number two what I’ve gotten for you is a
new product and it is called Facebook Ads 101 this product pretty
self-explanatory in the title it’s gonna get into an introduction to Facebook Ads
paid traffic mindsets you’re targeting Facebook Insights creating an avatar
profile important add rules going into things
about the pixels and ad campaigns and it includes ready-made sales material for
you to use bonus number three is modern Instagram marketing now WordPress quick
promote I do realize is about helping you promote on Facebook but you know why
not learn about promoting on Instagram as well now I always say you should
never stick to one platform so what’s involved in here is ten reasons most
partners fell and Instagram Instagram success and how it relates to creating a
persona finding competitors and reverse-engineering curating content
properly adopting a Content first sales funnel using Facebook retargeting to
also pull in Instagram users how to interact and pay niche specific
Instagram influences as well as some Instagram best practices so really
useful this one bonus number four is evergreen leads business now what this
does is essentially builds on the last two bonuses so what you’re gonna get in
here is how to create landing pages how to create free offers how to do
marketing copy in four steps how to write follow-up emails how to follow up
with prospects there’s a bit on Facebook Ads on fan pages and business accounts
there’s bits on how to do on-page and off-page SEO and there’s also some good
info in here on Instagram and read it as well so you’re gonna be able to not only
promote your offers on facebook without getting banned but you’re also going to
leverage other social media and digital marketing funnels like Instagram and
like a website landing pages and email with these bonus products bonus number
five is small bonus but very valuable million dollar copy now if you do only
want to promote on Facebook then you do need to know how to write decent copy it
makes a world of difference what are you gonna get in here our lead generation
strategies lead management tactics how to develop a unique selling proposition
crafting a secret offer how to close how to level up and you’re going to get some
killer copy blueprints in here for you to go away and use for your own office
so if those bonuses sound good to you it’s step one and click the link in the
description step two come through this bonus page click these green buttons
lock it in your bonuses that will take you through to step three the WP quick
promote sales page where you can then purchase your products and just get all
of this for that one price now to access your purchases there will be a link in
your digital receipt or you can go through to warrior Plus and you will
find a page that looks like this under the green button will be your WP quick
promotes details credentials and under this blue button will be all the bonuses
so as I said everything’s coming together a word of warning though these
bonuses are only available during launch week so make sure you pick them up
before this countdown timer hits zero there’s so much enough here I wouldn’t
want you to miss out I’ve taken a long time to put all these bonus products
together for you so really get on it sooner rather than later if you do feel
like this is something that is going to help you as I said when you click on
these green buttons it looks in your bonuses you go through to the sales page
which looks like this and it includes you know videos testimonials it in it
tells you how WordPress quick promote works has a demo on here as well and
just all the information that you need so that you can figure out whether it’s
something that is going to help you out and I would recommend reading through it
we’re not gonna do it now because we’ll be here all day but definitely read it
because it’s going to help you make a more informed decision for now we’re
gonna get into a demo which is going to be conducted by none other than the
creator of WP quick promotes Richard Butler so let’s check out
demo video I want to show you how easy it is to create rich pages that contain
either Paycom by jvzoo.com affiliate links now as you may know unfortunately
Facebook does not like either JB’s who are paid common when you try and post it
you will see the message that says this goes against our community standards so
what I’m going to do is I’m going to create two promotions here I’m going to
call this members kit which is a really really fantastic and easy to use
membership software and I use it for all of my membership sites and that’s really
good I have my members kit jvzoo URL here I’m going to paste that in I’m
going to put in my headline here I can actually highlight this text and I can
just put a highlight color on it and I could put the color of the text as white
so it’ll come up like that I enter in my youtube I paste that in if that is it
I’m just going to publish that and I’m going to view that page so what I’m
going to do now is I’m just gonna take my link here I’m going to go into
Facebook and I’m gonna share this link now what I’m actually going to do as
well is I’m going to upload a picture to go with this so what I’m gonna do is I’m
going to go to my photos I’m gonna find the member there’s a kit photo that I
have here that I created earlier and I’m just going to paste in the link here and
I click on share and what you will see is that other link comes up here so
let’s try that now with a PACOM link and I’m gonna go back in here this my PACOM
I’m going to look for a suitable image as well and I’m going to just upload
that so I found a good image let me just open this up here so that we can just
see it okay looks really good I’m going to copy this I’m gonna go to Facebook so
what I’m gonna do here is I’m just going to again upload my image just to make a
little bit more interesting and I’m going to copy my link in here and I
click on share you will see that those two links are now available and there’s
absolutely no problems with Facebook here so if you want to continue to
promote jvzoo.com war air plus Clickbank any links that you want and you want to
create simple bridge pages then WP quick promote is the easiest fastest and best
solution for your needs so I hope you enjoyed that demo and
you’ve got a grasp over just how easy is to use and just exactly what it’s going
to do for you I think this is one of those products where the beauty is in
the simplicity a lot of people have been you know pretty annoyed about our
Facebook blocks your promotions so you know something to come out like there’s
something simple that solves a problem you know it’s it’s great as far as
pricing goes I do have the pricing on my bonus page and it’s pretty simple set up
here the front-end WordPress quick promotes standard edition starts at $13
ah during launch week and then goes up to $17 there’s a one-time offer of a pro
version which gives you initial additional templates countdown time
Facebook comments and that is $17 offer number two is a developer rights option
which allows you to install on client sites for that one time offer number two
prices essentially yours to do as you see fit if you’re someone who’s working
on Fiverr or you’re a freelancer you know you can use this and help other
people so there really is a ton of value here when you take into consideration
the price especially during launch week it’s a great one-time price you know
they’re not jumping on the subscription train and with all of those bonus
products in there together for $17 you know this is you just there’s not a lot
to lose here also it’s coming with a no-questions-asked
30-day money-back guarantee so I do encourage you to check it out completely
risk-free you can keep the bonuses if later you realize it’s not for you if
you do have any questions or comments or concerns drop them in the comments below
because then other people can learn from your questions or if you want to message
me privately my email is here on the bonus page or my social media there on
my YouTube about page I do reply to everybody so feel free any question you
have otherwise enjoy WP quick promotes I hope
you love the bonuses that I’ve gotten for you as well and I’ll see you again
on the next video take care

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