WP Super Affiliate Review Plus📌 My Tailored-Made Bonuses

what’s up guys is ike pause i hope
you’re having a wonderful evening or a good morning or whatever time zone
you’re in in japan it’s the evening anyways i’m gonna let you know about w
press WP Super Affiliate give you my thoughts and opinions on this template
and theme okay because i know a lot of the a lot of the alternatives are
expensive this is my check out the link below for this page this is my thrive
themes page builder by the way if you already have a page builder then this
isn’t for you okay I’m just gonna be honest it isn’t for you if you’re
looking for a very very cheap alternative that creates proven types of
landing pages with bonuses and all that then this is definitely free but again
if you got click funnels if you got thrive themes like I do then don’t just
forget about it okay so let me show you an example here okay now what I really
like about this thrive not thrive themes about this particular template that you
get this this plugin it’s that it’s very easy to setup okay there’s no there’s no
there’s no fluff there’s no there’s no learning curve whatsoever you just you
just follow the directions let me take you behind the scenes okay so you’re
inside here you just add the images for your bonuses and you a little
description and it sets everything up for you okay okay and you also get to
set up your very own bar for the amount of bonuses you are providing okay you
wanna you want to stay true to that by the way and it just does everything you
set the color you just basically go down this list here and you add the
information step one upload the theme step two fill in your information and so
forth okay very straightforward but the most
of the coolest thing I should say is that it’s actually been tested if you go
to the training area for WP super affiliate you get Anthony Mancuso he’s a
trusted reputable internet marketer and he’s been using this theme this template
for about ah I think since 20:19 if my memory serves me correctly
correctly and he just shows you straight out three different case studies where
he took this theme very bare bones basic high converting theme that you set up in
minutes and how he made thousands of dollars in these different affiliate
promotions so case study one is octane a very popular a very popular product he
made over he he almost made 3k on that one in five days he made over 2k in four
days promoting the big five and then he also made an over a thousand bucks in
three days with another product called Eclipse using this very same theme this
very same template now again if you got clickfunnels or thrive themes and and
you know how to use that then by all means you know turn this video off okay
but if you find it too difficult and you think there’s too much of a learning
curve then this is definitely a alternative okay and again it’s much
cheaper and you know a lot of these sometimes you see these these product
vendors they create some piece of software they never use themselves
that’s infuriating but with this theme you got Anthony Mancuso he created this
for himself okay because he sees other big internet marketers creating these
elaborate theme templates using click funnels and whatnot guerilla commission
griller and all these difficult expensive high learning curve themes and
he wanted something simple that he could set up in minutes so that he all you
have to do is all he has to do is send traffic to it and that’s another really
cool thing about this course is that you get the traffic methods now I’m gonna
let you know right off the bat the traffic methods I don’t like the traffic
traffic methods I like plus the custom bonuses for the traffic methods I do
very well I’m gonna give to you okay one thing I don’t like right off the bat
and maybe I’m nitpicking you let me know in the comments but I think this site is
ugly okay this is an ugly ass site but yeah yeah that’s not important okay
the the material the contents great but that’s an ugly eyesight anyways the
traffic I want to go over the traffic method you learn within WP super
affiliate okay there there is okay I’m gonna let you
know the ones I like and the ones I use okay the Facebook method is very good
and it’s solid because of it I’m gonna give you my case study showing you how I
do it and showing you the more proof that it does work and it’s not difficult
to do you don’t need SEO you don’t need to spend a thousand years waiting for
traffic to come the very instant not instant but it does take let’s take a
little bit time bits but it’s much faster than SEO and you don’t have to
pay a dime that’s really cool the push notification one here push notifications
used to work very well but I think it has gone down a little bit in in quality
maybe the way I’m doing it is not the correct way but they have this method
here it does work but not to the same level as my other traffic sources okay
this one is brilliant the dollar offer traffic method this is a great way to
create what is called a buyer traffic list okay so without creating your own
product you creating your own product might be a little scary might be a
little daunting but with this little method here you don’t have to it takes
it takes 30 40 minutes to set up you can get an actual buyer traffic the best
type of traffic to opt-in to your list so that when you do have a good offer of
value that you want to offer them they’ll buy from you this is really good
now the one I don’t like the least is solo ad traffic secrets now some of the
people I know they convert very well with solo traffic I’m not I don’t know
one of those people okay that’s just my situation yeah listen if Anthony has it
here it is it’s probably was probably good not probably doing it wrong but
this is a one solo ad traffic cuz you know you got solo ad providers that that
provide crap and it’s difficult to filter out the good
ones from the bad ones so truth be told I’m not too excited about this traffic
source the other three are pretty are good the push notifications and the
offer the $1 offer is great the Facebook math method is great then there’s an
email one here and this one is taught to you by Paul Nichols that’s athlean
Mancuso’s business partner and joint venture partner for WP Super Affiliate
and in this video training he talks about you should be collecting leads and
how email marketing is the best type of traffic source there is because you
control the traffic and he he is right to a degree because recently there’s a
new type of lead collection okay so not to say no marketing is dead because I I
still do it okay but there’s a type of elite collection called Facebook
marketing bot mark-up I’m kind of a tongue-twister facebook lead collection
via via via messenger right so basically people opt-in to your messenger bot and
you can do the same thing you do with email marketing where you send automated
messages but via facebook messenger okay and this has a much higher open rate and
much higher click-through rate now you got to be careful and how you do things
on Facebook marketing but you can also find that that your conversions can
increase even more if you use email marketing in conjunction with facebook
messenger marketing it’s a kind of has like a synergistic effect so that’s
really cool so as a custom bonus even though it’s not in this course as my
custom bonus to you I’m gonna show you how to do facebook messenger lead market
okay and there is a free solution I highly recommend once you get the ball
rolling to get the to get the paid solution and it’s very cheap but I’m
gonna give you that that bonus is Walt so that you know how to use that to its
fullest potential okay all in all this is a stand up
course okay I love the case studies because again it shows that Anthony is
actually putting this to use it’s not some piece of software that he created
they doesn’t actually use he uses okay and the the training on how to set it up
how to set up the graphics now you know this is this training is useful but it’s
pretty intuitive and user-friendly okay to create this look so here I am Here I
am anyways Here I am on the the plug-in
itself the actual template this is for a testosterone offer
I’m just created created as as an example it’s very simple to do and let’s
check this off if I try to leave wait let me let me refresh that I think
I clicked that out if I try to leave I get I get this exit intent pop-up with a
link to the with a link to them to the actual offer which is I think ingenious
okay which is cool again a very premium
feature that is offered a lot on a lot of those high ticket type of templates
such as click funnels and thrive themes okay so you get that as well
and it’s you know very simple just go down the list and you set it up just
like you’re instructed put in the bonus name as your bonus but they don’t teach
you I don’t think very well on how to create these type of bonus bonus
graphics it’s not difficult but I’m gonna throw in my own my own custom
bonus to show you how to create bonus designs bonus graphics like this to help
you convert your traffic even more now talking about bonuses let me go through
my complete list of custom tailor-made bonuses for you to help you out with WP Super Affiliate ok so let’s get into my custom bonuses that I’m offering with WP Super Affiliate and again listen feel free check out the other
bonuses out there from other people I think you’ll be back here because you’ll
find them my bonus to the best again from a full-time internet marketer and
for different niches and of course these bonuses are gonna help you out even more
with WP Super Affiliate if you think some WP Super Affiliate right
so the first bonus is my three minutes two beautiful bonus graphics okay so you
want to create bonuses graphics actually that stick out and stand out and you
know some people I think it’s hard to do I’m not a designer tonight neither am i
but I still create killer bonuses that convert I’m gonna show you the same
tutorial I have that taught me how to create these stunning beautiful bonuses
okay it’s very simple it’s drag-and-drop using all free stall free software my
next bonus is double your profits with Facebook elite collection I’m gonna show
you the exact same tutorial I used to help me learn how to do facebook lead
collection correctly with the best facebook messenger bot there is in my
opinion and there is a free version so you’re gonna want this as well my next
bonus is and this this was made by me because this actually works a thousand
uniques a day with Pinterest marketing I’m gonna show you how I get a thousand
uniques traffic niche targeted traffic to my niche website using Pinterest
marketing again this is a free type of traffic source you’re gonna get that as
well you also get the Facebook group traffic software plus how-to guide okay
this traffic software I had evolved just like Anthony had his WP Super Affiliate
template created for him okay and he uses it in his business the same thing
with my facebook group traffic software it’s a free traffic source a very
powerful sub piece of software I had created for myself I’m giving it to you
plus a how-to video showing you how to use it again powerful stuff and it’s and
it works perfectly with WP super affiliate the template and training okay
next one is for traffic the profit case types okay I’m gonna give you four
different how to plus traffic case studies showing you high profit online
in different ways okay just I don’t I don’t just do reviews like you’re
watching now I do other things as well okay some passive some some semi passive
and I’m gonna show you exactly what I do with those videos tutorial guides and
case studies you also get three profitable templates okay three
different profit templates I use in a different niche business I’m
also going to give you the how-to guide and exactly show you how to set up those
profitable templates for yourself you have a hunt percent Ries all rights for
those for those different templates good stuff and again I’m very proud of those
and I hope that you use them yourself and apply them in profit with them as
well okay Plus on top of that I’m going to give you 100% free email marketing
tool okay now this is a free email marketing tool it’s 100% free this is if
you’re starting I this is if you’re a newbie and you want a reliable email
marketing source so you can actually collect leads and send out messages to
those leads I’m gonna give you a really cool tutorial guide showing you how to
set it up for free on top of that you can this you’re gonna get support from
me for about six weeks I’m gonna give you I’m gonna give you access to me and
in any help you need with WP super affiliate I can help you because I do
as you can see profit online not only with not only with printable products
not only with affiliate offers but also with reviews so you get that from me as
well show you what works what converts okay so besides that check this out
here the upgrades ok the upgrades for WP Super Affiliate now I want to go through them even my thoughts and opinions about them let you know if you think they’re
right for you I’m gonna give you the information so the first oto is between
thirty and thirty seven twenty seven bucks
it’s a pro unlimited version the pro version of the software includes
unlimited installs unlocked commercial agency rights yeah I don’t think you
need it you can create your own bonuses that will convert perfectly well plus
the the standard one the front end one is it converts on its own that in the
case study in the case of the three different case studies within WP super
affiliate you see right there that he uses the exact same template that you’ll
be using right off the bat so how would even I wouldn’t even look at OTO one L
to number two you super affiliate campaigns so this is
at 67 37 bucks between them between those prices it’s gonna fluctuate during
the launch on all these prices this is an extremely valued packed upgrade with
where you will access the proven extremely profitable campaigns and don’t
for your emails that Anthony and Paul have used in the past a profit online
with you get those and you have the rights to use them as well which is
really cool now yeah if you’re a newbie and you know
I definitely look at OTO two because it’s again done for you now always when
I review a product I make sure that the OTO s are not necessary these are just
here to supplement and to help you even more or if if possible automate
something for you OTO number three unlimited traffic siphon we’re gonna
they’re gonna allow 50 people to siphon traffic directly from their sales page
that means you’re allowed to add your pixel onto their on to their sales page
and full and target those though the people that land on the sales page doing
using remarketing now one of my one of my custom bonuses that you get within my
bonus page is actually a how-to guide and case study on how to do we target
marketing so that fits in perfectly with this okay
Oh to number of four is that 397 geeze super affiliate classroom the hottest
and most thorough super affiliate training on the web the software is
limited and will show you scripts how to earn 500 to 1 K per day paydays ah well
I can’t say this is just to work or not since I’m not a member myself I just
know that Paul Nichols and Anthony Mancuso they both do a
similar type of marketing that I do okay and I make around anywhere between five
with this method anywhere between 5 K to 9 K a month usually around the 5 K mark
so yeah you know there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be teaching you that but
then again I’m not a member of this classroom and OH – number 5 is the
resell rights okay and that’s that seventy seventy bucks at the low-end two
one seven seven again these prices will fluctuate depending on the whim of the
product Raiders okay but again the WP Super Affiliate I like
it because it streamed live it streams line extremes extreme lines something I
can’t eat I can’t talk that a lot of people have trouble with creating those
high converting landing pages okay really good stuff on top of that you get
the bonuses that come with this product that’s P one profits fast cash five
money monster easy passive paydays 24-hour traffic machine bonus number six
how to create profiles profitable solo ad traffic campaigns 100 day per day
blueprint product creation hero fast way to 1k per month online okay now I can’t
save these bonuses work or not but they’re there for you as well I want to
make sure that you are not missing out on anything okay hope you like my WP Super Affiliate review if you have any questions hey let me know down below
I’ll be happy to help and again this is like pause you make the right choice be
good take care and talk to you later


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