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Alright guys good news what I did Was go ahead and I got the creators to make a demo video of WP super affiliates actual song for a plugin so you’re gonna get to use that you’re gonna get to access that that’s part of the whole package now, obviously They have some trainings and things like that that are in there As I showed you in the review video if you haven’t seen the review video down below inside the description box There is a link to my full review and bonus package so you can go ahead and click that You can go check it out. But this video this video. I’m gonna let Anthony take over and show you Exactly. What is inside this magical little software and why I like it so much. So I’m gonna go ahead let him do that Now quickly come back and say a quick word to let you know that You know, whatever nice little conclusion. Anyway, its Anthony take it buddy Alright, so we’ve got a full training inside the course But I just wanted to show you a quick demo of WP super affiliate just so you can see it in action See what it does the different kind of pages that it can create and how easy it is to work with Alright, so first of all, you can see it here on the left hand side. We just click to all pages and then add new Alright then you’re gonna just name your post and what I’ve done here is I’ve put together a QuickStart guide that’s gonna make it really Really simple for users to go ahead and set these different features up So if we go here page title, let’s just say we’re promoting Eclipse. Okay. It’s a product that recently launched We copy it down here in the page title just add the image Okay right here Okay, we go to the progress bar alright the text we’re just going to do 50% complete don’t miss this Description again, I’ve put this up for you right here So is gonna simply copy this over and replace name of products with the actual products name Description choose white Background color will do black What I like to do here is match the the actual products color this way you get some congruence in there Okay, fifty percent do the top position Step 1 step 2 step 3. Alright for this you can use different steps You can put you know, one click link and email step 2 watch the video Step 3, you know, whatever you want it to be just for the sake of brevity. I’m gonna disable this content section so we come over here again, and we’re just gonna Copy over the video heading now, you could put anything you want here. You could put you know the name of the product review I just set up a little, you know template for you to use just to make it very easy. Okay, so we’ll do eclipse And you’re obviously gonna want to replace your name with your actual name Looks like Vimeo and I’m not gonna put a video in here because just a sample but you would just paste in the video ID and Let’s see here. We’ll grab this text under video. I Like to turn this into an h3, I So we can put downtime see July 20th Okay, I’m gonna select this restart timer on expire you can you can check this if you want you this way You know, you can make it time up with price increases on different products or you know, when a sale is gonna end You know things like that you can make the time they’re sticky Let’s say to make it stick to the bottom at the top of the page Will do it to the bottom Will select this for now button underline text Again, this can be whatever you want. But I just made it really easy just by giving you the text to use Okay and all this is right in the QuickStart guide okay so button link This is going to be you know, your affiliate link goes here Whatever that is, whatever the link of the whatever you’re promoting is All right, then we want to go to bonuses. You can make them aligned to the left the center or the right Will do the center. Okay, then you can come here and Copy over your bonus heading and again, these can all say whatever it is that you want them to say I just wanted to show you how it works and give you a nice quick start guide so you can you know Just plug and play just use it like this if you want We’ll just add a couple bonuses in here. Let’s see Okay, let’s say we want to add these Alright you just click add bonus And these are from the profit Maximizer Product. It’s a really really good product that has about 80 bonuses in it and I highly recommend it if you don’t already have it All right, so that’s the bonus section this is extra content you can use this to put in, you know money-back guarantees different launch bonuses or Promotional material, you know limited time off for graphics different things like that here We have a pop of redirect section where you can show an exit pop that you can use to build your list you can put a heading like let’s say free training to Make or how I made one thousand nine hundred and fifty two dollars and eighty cents and Forty eight hours with free traffic Okay, and then you put your form code in here you can select an image whether you want to display a mobile desktop or both Alright, then alternatively you can use a exit redirect instead of a pop-up and you could also disable it Right when I’m doing the promo I like to have this checked and redirect right to the sales page this way even if someone clicks off the page You’re still gonna get that traffic going through the sales page. They’ll get cookie, Din etc All right. So then we’ve got the page settings. You could put any JavaScript code Things like that that you want to put in here, okay Retargeting whatever you want. Okay, then we’ve got all the short codes down here. We’ve also got an urgency shortcode that’s Not in this install that I’m using right now, but it’s going to be in the live version So you can use this to create more CTA buttons YouTube videos Vimeo video show codes progress bars and countdown timers right now if we click into settings All right, so here you’ll be able to see the urgency Bar right here. But one thing I want to show you is the traffic control center. All right now this is one of my favorite features of the plug-in because what you can do is you can actually Let’s say you you know you ran a timed promotion for three days But you’re no longer promoting that product you’re still gonna have traffic coming into that page, right? You’re still gonna have, you know trickles of traffic coming in. What you can do is you can go ahead and select That page and you can redirect it to your new Affiliate promotion, okay Affiliate link. Okay, so you can Effectively control that traffic on every page by page by page level and make it go wherever it is that you want Okay, so you can at any time you’ll be able to send all your traffic and you know Send it wherever you like this way you can get the most bang for your buck if you’re in an affiliate contest or Whatever you want. If you’re just looking to make more sales elsewhere. Alright, so this video went longer than I wanted It’s just meant to be a quick demo again There’s you know, there’s a ton of uses you can do with this, but just to show you this is my actual Review or bonus page that’s for this actual product W piece WP super affiliate. So this is what the pages come out looking like, right? You’ve got a nice You know clean coated page with all the elements of a high converting Promotional page that you’ll be able to use to make more money with your affiliate promotions private sales internal offers, whatever it is you want to use this for and Make more money with alright Alright, so you’ve seen this software in action, you know, what’s happening, you know how it works the training inside It is awesome. As I mentioned if you haven’t seen the full review then go ahead scroll down into the description box Click the what’s it called there? Click the link in there You’ll be taken to my bonus page and that’ll show you my review video and and it’ll show you the amazing bonus package I put together. So thanks very much for watching this video Make sure if you want good honest reviews with the best bonus Packages in the more get place here then go ahead. Click Subscribe Click the like button and I’ll see you in the next video. Later

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