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[Music] logged into my account you’ll see your projects if you have any go to templates that’ll be changed to create shortly drop a URL from a site that you’d like to use into the AI assistant this is a real estate listing click the button there just wait a quick minute as it extracts the information that you’ll be using to create the project after that you’ll be prompted to choose the style that you would like just waiting for it to extract and then you can so here I choose my Styles I’m gonna use this one right here you can preview if you’d like I’m just gonna go ahead and use the template it mixes up the creates the project for you just a matter of a few seconds you can click to add text if you would like and then click here to make the video if you want a low-quality render you click that what I’d recommend for real estate especially is you take any text you’d like here and add it in here just copy and paste but then you click make video and you’re good to go throw your complicated video creation tools out of the window let me tell you why I know nothing sells like a video there’s no denying that but have you ever wondered why isn’t every video making sales why isn’t every video getting massive levels of reach traffic and engagement maybe that’s because only stunning videos sell or jaw-dropping videos or breathtaking or dazzling videos these aren’t just fancy words and maybe they’re a little bit overused but they’re saying something you see if you dig deeper you’ll realize that videos that actually sell are the ones that create an experience the audience watching the video should not just see your product but rather experience and be able to feel your your videos shouldn’t just hook them visually it has to stir strong emotions in them it doesn’t even matter today what we share in real estate restaurants EECOM fashion automobiles any niche you can think of essentially every niche is a video centric niche your audience wants to first get a real feel of your product before wasting any of their precious time learning them more once the emotions are stirred you’re well on your way to landing a sale even before the entire video has run through customers will be ready to take action to book an appointment to make a purchase or whatever you’re trying to get them to do that’s not the power of videos it’s the power of the experience that a good video creates for the viewer it’s the emotions that they stir hey everybody I’m Dan I run a company called video remix and as the name suggests we are a video company yes video is our thing and my team and I are constantly trying to create solutions to enhance the power of video now in order to do that we scrutinize every video tool that we can find and we see what works and what really just doesn’t and there’s one thing that we have noted that many video creation tools on the market sell as their main benefit the ability to quickly and easily generate a video based on vanilla stock bland but here’s the ugly truth that video creators don’t tell you Vanilla’s top imagery will only get you so far so that’s why I started this video by saying throw your complicated video creation tools out of the window ask yourself do you really have the time to create a bunch of not that great videos and throw them all at the wall and just see what sticks do you really want to spend your time just hoping for engagement and traffic with videos that look just like everyone else’s videos wouldn’t it be nice if you knew that the time and effort that you’re putting into your video creation was going towards conversions and wouldn’t it be nice if you could quickly and easily create videos with unique content that stands out from all the other videos out there that highlights the specifics of your product the specifics of your client well my team and I are proud to present to you ex wave our latest state-of-the-art video creation tool powered by our unbeatable video remix artificial intelligence does it create stunning videos yes breathtaking videos yes jaw-dropping videos yes dazzling heck yes it does but most importantly ex wave creates videos that convert take a look at some of the videos we get creative in just a few minutes time now let me show you how we made these videos using images that are tested and proven already to convert step 1 we paste a URL into our AI video creation assistant a website a real estate listing a client’s business page and more so many possibilities the video remix AI goes into action and pulls all the images from that URL and serves them up for you step two you simply select the images you want to use in your video you get to add text and music if you would like and then step three you sit back and watch your video getting created by our AI in the matter of minutes no designing no coding and no experience required this begs the question how do we know these videos will convert we know it because we use images that are already optimized by the website that you’re pulling them from they’re professionally created they’re already proven to help generate traffic and conversions and when you combine these still images and create a video the conversion power of these images is amplified beyond any limits and how do we know because we’ve tested it check out some of what our beta customers have had to say about the platform and other top marketers are giving raving reviews so on the page here you can see X wave in action in a short clip you can also check out the exclusive features including artificial intelligence powered video creation for making ready to convert videos ultra fast smooth video transitions to convey different moods jump between storylines switch to other points of view spice up the narrative anything that you want professionally designed templates to help you bring the best designs that captivate your audience right from the word go including high in demand real estate optimized templates and other video centric niches a built in music library so you always have copyright free music at your fingertips ready to be paired with your video creation fast rendering speeds to get you the results that you want as soon as possible unlimited preview renders and so much more there are two really important things I want to tell you regarding this offer before I let you go first included in this purchase is a live three-day training event that’s gonna teach you how to not only use this software but sell it to make profit to land clients secondly X wave will only be available for a very short time at this super low one-time launch price after this launch and the one-time fee will be replaced by a monthly and yearly reoccurring model you’ll also no longer have access to our bonuses or our three-day live training event so you’re gonna want to get it and you’re gonna want to get it now scroll down the page check out the offer and get instant access to this ultimate video creation tool to start cranking out high converting videos right away I will see you on the inside [Music] you [Music]

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