Yarn wool feathers. Use your small scraps of yarn to make beautiful feathers.

[Music] hello everyone and welcome back to my channel now I’m going to show you how to meet these pretty pretty little feathers they’re really easy to make now I’ve used wire with Maine you can use your yarn you can tie it on all your little scraps to your yard and if you want after you get yourself a nice heavy can I’m not promoting this by the way if you get yourself a hair be can it’s going to help with your tying on I’ll show you that in a minute no this is just garden wire don’t ask me what gauges I don’t know what gauges I just bought it from being in bargains in the garden section it was all mine in tuning pins now I’m going to cut myself a length of this with my little wire snappers just cut yourself Elaine’s you can make more than one fair that our time if you cut a long length of this now just put that out of the way now what nests into what I’m going to do is I’m just going to stuck it through the netting pool you can attach it to anything that’s heavy it’s just to give it a little bit of stability if you can see what I’m doing there we go and there’s my wire there now what I’m going to do is I’m just going to Wayne the other end around my pliers I’ll just wind it around the pliers and just drop that down on to the floor and that’s going to hold my wire so that I can tie on my yarn now all you need is some scraps of yarn what you do with that you can use embroidery thread as well if you want now I found it just using three fingers that’s fine enough just wrap your yarn whatever color you’re using what other quality feather that you want to make just wrap it around your fingers then take off put yourselves through and just cut through like this and it makes a nice bundle of yarn so you’ve got all your little strands like this it doesn’t matter what lens the are it’s up to you know what they’re the wire that we have just take two strands of your yarn this is quite a Sun so I’m using two and tie it on to your wire simple as that just tie it on take another two and tie it on keep trying on until it’s as long as you need it until it’s as big as you want to rather just try that on the first few are made at at Harvard down on a desk but I found it much easier to tie if you’ve got it like this up to the top now I’m just going to tie a whole load of color on with these ones worked on us as you can see I’ve done a very pale pink on the top and weight on the bottom of my little feather I’m doing this one blue and way don’t worry of the nor even on either side we’re going to trim it anyway so I’ve got enough of my blue yarn tray don’t know what I’m going to do is I’m going to tie on some of this weight I’m going to make it two different colors I will show you near the end how to fix your knots so it doesn’t slide all over the place now what I’m going to do so that the blue and the weights or a merge even I’m going to take a couple of blue and one of the white and tire on so it gradually mixes the two colors together I don’t want a sudden bag change and the color I wanted to be quite gradual so if you just mix some blue with the white and all sort of else once it’s all brushed out it’ll make a finer join between the two colors Julie making the blue match with the white so once we’ve done the brushing with it then you’ll see what I’m going to what we’re going to do now I’m just going to take this off the top of the can like that I’m just going to make myself a little hook meet yourself a little hook on the end of your wire that’s all you can hang your feathered up and we’ll push that up to the air you can leave a little part like that on it you know trim the wire down here that out of the way now what I’m going to do and would you bring some of the yarn up to the end like this and make a hook a little bit of fiddly put some of the yarn underneath that hoop if you can see I’ve made a little hoop like this and then I’m going to squash it down it’s just a little bit of fiddly now if you’re using yarn for this you’ll just tie it you just tie a knot or put a bead in the end bring that down into there and then give it a little squish in now that’s going to hold that and just like that the more you make the less fiddly it becomes I’m just going to straighten up my wire and this is what you end up with let’s fix them although the rate we smooth out your wire a little bit and this is what you’ve got now I’m going to show you what you need to do next so I’ve got myself an old corn what I’m going to do is just make sure that you’ve got all your little fairy bets all donate we all down that a treat like this I’m going together I’m going together a little bit of a tramp now if you keep either a picture of a feather so you know sort of the shape the rough sort of feathery shape that a feather has just trap some of your ends don’t trim it right and because we’re not finished with that we’re not finished with it just going to trim off some of the excess so we don’t have to call them so much you don’t have to be too neat at this point we’ll move all of that out of the way so know what you’re going to do let’s take your comb and at a slight angle keep your calm at a slight angle and you’re going to tease out that yarn start on the end and move and it’s a lot easier if you keep your calm at an angle as well I which is zoom and for you so with you call my an angle just tease out that young one native completely missed note once you’ve got it to this stage you can get your scissors and you’re going to trim it all nice and neat and to your nice feather shape remember your little point or your feather piece of paper here and my feather no this is a can of staling spree as hairspray this is extra strong world no it’s just hairspray and what we’re going to do is we’re going to spray or feather was the hair free now this is going to make a very sticky for it well dry when it dries it would be sticky give it a good soaking and then just smooth your faith alone especially the air geez but muttley trying to jump up on money here now just try and smooth that down the way a feather would go now all you need to do now is just set that somewhere I say to dry we’re just going to set it aside to dry it won’t take long to dry at all before I do that I’m going together just a little bit of a twist just so that it looks a little bit more realistic and when it’s hanging at schooner twists like that we won’t trim at once it’s dry like I said it won’t be sticky when it dries out so we just need to set that there to dry so these are my little feathers all finished this one’s all nice and dry I don’t give a little twist like I showed you already just to give it a little bit more of a natural look and when it’s hanging at loop they’re really really pretty I’m not a small element to the colony it’s up to your imagination you’re young you have that ability to do that it’s great for the kids as well we can look at Victoria and the conspirators three weeks you fought against a weak leader make sure your windows open when you do they usually as well so a well crew up here how to who want to be food enjoying my food I’ve got three beautiful women I have known for over 20,000 members so come along anywhere in the world everyone anywhere doesn’t matter where you are from and from enjoyment nap to do it’s fun plastic group to be in it’s really really I don’t really happy it is fun there’s never any drama and network to other so are you looking for the craft to join with everyone just gets along really really well in come along and join might have to do it’s called traffic each one’s artifact now please click the subscribe button please click Subscribe and join my channel and I really appreciate the moral support today perspective you can leave a coal main very needed where are you for today you can tweet comments you can give the channel the off of your weight that you so until my name swing are you clapping and I’ll see you all in – goodbye you


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