Yeahmobi Insights: The Offers Behind 300 Million Dollars of Conversions | AWasia 2016

Hello guys, this is Peter from the Yeahmobi.
So today, I am going to give a short presentation about Yeahmobi
and some data that’s in Yeahmobi. And I want this speech to be simple and tell
you guys the data and what’s going on behind the data. So you can see in 2016,
the revenue of Yeahmboi, we are going to hit around like $300
million, so that’s a huge number and all the campaigns, performance campaigns, we focus on mobile, and we have global
campaigns, and we focus on performance now. So I’m going to go
straight and say like what campaigns are making money for you guys. Subscription campaigns, we
say it’s like mobile campaigns are still doing big like in Yeahmobi,. W
are hitting around like 5 to 10 million monthly. So you know, it varies
according to different month, for every month we are hitting at least like 5 to
10 million per month. We are leading in 30 countries for mobile contents. So you
can see the biggest guy, normally, daily they are hitting
around like 30k per day for mobile content. I think the
most important thing is the landing page and the your traffic source and also the
communication, between you and your affiliate manager because for
mobile content, you know it’s really how you can consider the profits of
your advertiser and the profits of the network, or you’re your own profits.
You should work with advertiser and affiliates together. You should not
fight with each other. If you’re trying to fight or cheat with each other, then
no way, you cannot make it big. So that’s is very important.
You need to talk more with your affiliate manager. I cannot show the like
landing page or the campaigns here, but talk with your affiliate manager and then we have a lot of great campaigns like Come On. I
want to like emphasise, like Huawei , how we just began this business
like maybe two or three months ago, they’re doing huge and now, I think it
they’re doing like 1 million with us. And we talk with the
whole team in Huawei. I think for Yeahmobi, we are talking with
like 20 or 30 people in Huawei, they’re a huge department for this. So from
the info, what we get here they are going to spend I think for Huawei, they’re
going to spend around like 40 million for 2017. And most of the campaigns for
Huawei will be in 13 countries. Most of this countries are like Kenya, Iraq,
Pakistan, you know the African countries, and the Southeast Asia countries.
The good thing about Huawei campaigns, that’s just like one
click or even like zero click. So as long as you can find
traffic source and you can do testing, this can be big. You can see some data
here like Iraq, for A, ah I don’t understand. PK is Pakistan yeah and you
can see, because the payout is kind of low like 10 cents or 20
standard 30 cents, but due to the high conversion rates, affiliates are still making
pretty good money on this and the important things were clear. Because
in Huawei, they have the KPI. They need to spend at least
like 40 million in 2017. I think you know for
like for mobile campaigns business, it’s all about how you react with the
operator but for Huawei, they’re the builder. They build
everything for the operators. So they have the most solid
relationship with them. So what’s the plan for for 2017? The money’s here and then there’s
profit there. So I think it’s important for you guys like to talk with an affiliate
manager and do some research on this vertical. I believe there
are some guys, they can make a lot in 2017 for this. I want to also to mention, I would like to say m-commerce and
game. Now I think for game, everybody knows that and some people are
making good money on game but m-commerce is much, much bigger.
I think there are some superaffiliates, they’re already like making lots on
m-commerce and for m-commerce, what they do, usually
they’re doing kind of like dropshipping from China. So basically
you buy ads on Facebook and they sell stuff from China
because you know the product in China, they’re pretty cheap. So basically they dropship
from like AliExpress, Alibaba, or Taobao or even Tmall or
we see, this will be a another big trend like in 2017. Then
some superaffiliate, they already make good money on this and for Yeahmobi,
we have devoted ourselves to like broadcast e-commerce
businesses for like two and a half year. So we know this business pretty
well and we have very connected people like with the manufacturers in
China. Also the big e-commerce companies in China. Like for
Alibaba, we have very close relationship with Alibaba and the UC Browser. For
the next year, Alibaba and AliExpress, they are going to spend a lot of money.
So if you have a traffic source for this kind of e-commerce app, then you
can also come to us and we can allocate the budget for you
guys. Probably the big business and a stable business is
dropshipping with m-commerce and we can help to take care of you.
Sometimes for the like Facebook account issue or like
logistic and those are sometimes, if you do something super big, the volume
is super big. For example like the flashlights, it’s a very hot
campaign, many affiliates was doing great. With flashlights, we can even find a
manufacturer for you and you can build your brand. The other whole thing
you can find or you can create, you can follow like eBay and Amazon
because most of the super seller on eBay or Amazon, they are from
China. And we can find these manufacturers for you, like you to build
your own products. Normally like for e-commerce, the margin is pretty high.
For example, they say the flashlight, normally the the cost for the first offer is around like maybe
$10 but you can sell it like for $50. So the margin is pretty high. From the number we see, normally the cost for marketing is around like
30% to 50% of the product. If you can make the cost at 30% you can make
good money and you can make net profits at least like 25% but if the
cost come to like 50% then maybe you just break even, but you know due to
the SKU is huge and for the different audience, you can
always find a target with Facebook. So e-commerce is big enough and you don’t
need that to be fearful, like your landing page it’s being
stolen or something like that because the market is huge. As long as you know
how to drive traffic, and you can find the right source of the products, and you can
know how to check the whole trend of the products, like the
AirWheel or the drone they build like in China. Then you can you
can find a way to make money and it’s a stable money,
because you don’t see too many competitor for you. So you can see like,
UC I want to also want to emphasise, because UC is huge like globally,
and they have a very stable budget for 2017.
We’re talking with them and you can select for UC, now they
spend around like $1 million with us monthly and for 2017 they’re going to
like spend $2 million monthly. So if you are running, if you are not
running this campaign, then somebody else is running and the money there is $2
million monthly. Then like for Funplus it’s a huge game publishing
company in China. There was a campaign with a warehouse
for the past two years, it was still okay. I think some of you guys are running this right.
So Funplus is a similar company like COK campaign.
So there are lots of Chinese game publishing companies,
they are looking for the global work. And their budgets are very stable. So as
long you have a good traffic source for gaming, we can find budget for you. Utility apps, maybe you guys think
okay they’re not that sexy. Due to the low payouts and
also because for some advertisers in China
they always like don’t pay you guys like on time, but I think it
can work with Yeahmobi and Yeahmobi will take care
of the payment issue. We will still pay for us even, but we will
take care of that, but I know utility apps will be huge in 2017.
There are around like 20 huge Chinese companies. What they
are doing is kind of like arbitrage. For example, the build many apps and they spend for example, $100 million.
$1 million goes to Yeahmobi to buy the user, like normally they buy like
United States and the Western country users but they can make the money back
like in half of a month or one month by doing monetisation with Facebook and our
own SDK. Yeah like 70% from Facebook. So there is,
I don’t know how long the business will continue but at least I think for
for 2017 this company, they will make big money. Because for some top guys,
they are buying like $1 million users globally. So they spend at
least like a 500k daily on Facebook, on Google, and affiliate network.
It’s kind of like up-charge business, for some advertisers
they are okay with a little like kind of misleading banners
or anyway, they’re not that strict. It’s not like Clean Master,
because with Clean Master they have their brand. So any
banner with misleading or you know a little related to porn,
they are totally prohibit-less but for this arbitrage company, they are pretty open. So if you guys
can do big on Facebook or Google or affiliate network,
you’re welcome to talk with us. Because for arbitrage business,
as long as everybody make money then they’re okay. For
example, the top one guy like in China, the company they spent like 500k daily
but they made back like $1 million daily. Like back from Facebook,
that’s what we see in China. That is one type of utility app,
but there’s another type. These are they the real
brands company. You see like Uber, GrabTaxi, Ola and like Clean Master,
and there are some other mobile news and the video apps in
channel. They’re creating different products and they go globally
and they want real quality users and their budget is good because
they can keep raising funds in China. So there are two
kinds of utility apps, for this, because they have brand
like for Uber, I think a lot of guys make a lot money with Uber right. We also
make some money with Uber GrabTaxi and Ola, because
they have brand so the conversion is very good and then you need to send a
good quality traffic and you still have good margin. For up-charge,
as long as you can get volume you’re welcome. For gambling and social, this is also a very important vertical for Yeahmobi. In fact,
we talk with the most gambling and the social casino companies. We’re
top one or top two of their publisher, because this advertiser,
they have, normally they have uncapped budgets So it’s all about how you can fund the traffic and how you can do the landing page. It’s a new vertical even for Yeahmobi. We
started running the vertical maybe like six months ago and now we are doing good
numbers. We are number one or number two out of most advertisers. So now, gambling, we’re doing around like
$1 million monthly, so it’s not bad and for social casino, 1.5. It’s huge for
social casino. A lot of people know like Playtika and Big Fish Casino. From day one, when I started in business
like five years ago, Big Fish Casino they began just
to make money, because for this company, the profit is so good. For example,
like for Playtkia, a Chinese company, company they spent like 4.5 billion to
buy this company, Playtika. So this kind of company, they make so much money.
They’re always open to affiliates, as long your quality is good
because for all these companies, we integrate with them.
We say O-CPA, it means optimise the CPA. So for every single
affiliate, we know exactly what’s your ROI for this advertiser. So if your
ROI is good, then we will give you better payouts because we have
the data from advertiser. For like Big Fish Casino, for some affiliates
we can pay for $20 for one install. For some affiliates, normally we
pay like $6 and for some affiliates, they may have volume but
quality is not that good. So we pay them $3, so the difference is huge. So it’s
all about what kind of quality and what kind of audience you can drive
for the advertiser. Because the data is pretty transparent and consistent.
So we know exactly what’s going on with your traffic. This
vertical Huawei, Huawei likes to spend like spend time and money like
six months ago, because we know as long as we can find the audience,
then the money is good there. And yeah, we want to spend this
simple page is because like Yeahmobi is in China and so we have
really close relationship with these advertisers, like Clean Master,
they are our investor and then there are several owner of other affiliate networks, the CEO’s they come to me saying, you guys are getting paid by
the clients in China on time? Which we said oh no, we don’t. The thing is
Chinese advertisers will pay us on time and will pay companies outside
of China not on time. It’s not true. We are also cannot get
the payments from Chinese advertiser on time. They pay us like, the
the contract is net 30, but normally they pay us like net 90 like net 120, but
the good thing is we know what’s it going out like with within
these companie and we know they will pay. So I know it’s really a challenge for people outside of China because all these companies,
they’re huge and the decision procedure is really complex
and then like for the invoice may need like 12 people to sign
then you will get paid. The big boss is flying around the world,
you cannot find him. So that’s very challenge for people outside
of China, but since for Yeahmobi we are already
very established in China and personally, I know most CEO’s in this company.
So for Yeahmobi what we sacrifice is we need to endure the long
payment process. So we need to put a lot of our own money into their
business because we still pay our affiliates like net 7 or weekly, but we can take
the risk. That’s what I’d actually say, that’s an important value for
Chinese advertisers and they are all huge and they spend a lot of
money. Like for Baidu, they will still be big and I know many
companies, many affiliate network, they’re not working with Baidu, or like Apus, 360, yeah. Because they they cannot
know exactly what is going on with these advertisers, but what I can tell you is
Yeahmobi, we will pay our affiliates and we will pay
you guys on time but there are still big. Utility apps from
China, they will keep growing. Talk with them and they’re all
going to spend a big money. Normally, most companies they spend
like at least like 20 million amount per year. So it’s huge, they’re huge. For Yeahmobi, we’re going to also do
something like business in China, because the Chinese
mobile market is also huge. Until like end of this year, we have
like 2% of the business in China but maybe like in 2017, we have like 10%.
So I think if you have unique traffic source for Chinese campaigns,
there will be big money there as well. Yeah are the main verticals we focus on, mobile apps, mobile games, e-commerce, and
another one is mobile campaigns. Yeah, I want to mention our new product is
Yeahmobi Smart Link, so if you guys has like running traffic or if you
are special media buyer on Smart Link, we know yeah, the good guys, they can also
do like 5-digit daily with Smart Link. There’s lots of companies,
they are doing like Smart Link, Small Link is a new product and we
see the potential for Small Link and we see there are two kinds of traffic
source for Smart Link. The first one is for some affiliate networks because for
every affiliate network, there’s like traffic but for affiliates, we see the
super media buyer. They are doing a lot of volume with Smart Link. I don’t know
exactly like how this media buyer do but I know there’s people that are doing good
money and you guys can have look and the check with our affiliate manager and
see whether this will be a new source for money or not. For DSP yeah, for Yeahmobi DSP is a transparent DSP and basically is to
offer you guys to buy traffic and for Yeahmobi DSP, we integrating
with I think around like 30 Rexchanges and SAP’s.
The strength, I would like to say, the strength we have now is we charge a little
for transparency with our media buyer. Normally, the DSP’s out there, you
are sayings they normally charge like 30% to 40% of your spend. Maybe they
won’t let you know, but we know that they are charging like 30% to 40% since Yeahmobi, Yeahmobi DSP is kind of new to the
business, so now we are charging like 10%. So that’s for Yeahmobi DSP and you’re
welcome to to open accounts with us. Traffic is allowed there, yeah. Here because lots of affiliates here. For the affiliates, we have some bonus. So
you can see the more you make with us and if you are new to Yeahmobi, we have very
good bonus for you. Please reach out to us and get some business going.
Yeah that’s our booth. I’m open to questions now, thank you guys.

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