Yes, We Have a Costco Membership | Camper Van Life S1:E30

This week after a relaxing stay at Verde
Valley Campground, we make our way to Costco to stock up on food, gas and
propane. We’re at Verde Valley Campground out in
Cottonwood Arizona. This place is fantastic.
Leo’s really enjoyed being outside laying out in the dirt and he’s of
course filthy now but what are you gonna do he’s a husky. Yesterday there was a
huge car show and in arts and crafts fair so I went over with my little table
set up and sold a bunch of books yesterday so that was a lot of fun but
this has been a great campground we spent a few days out in Sedona met some
new friends went on some great hikes and just had a nice time relaxing we’ve been
there before so we weren’t really planning on doing too much just catching
up on some work and that sort of thing when we were in Sedona with the class a
we took the Jeep around quite a bit and went on this awesome trail called Broken
Arrow it was an off-roading Trail and as we’re going down these steps Kate got so
freaked out she got out of the Jeep and walked all the way down and watched me
go down and I have to admit it was a bit of an unnerving experience because the
Jeep was kind of sliding down these rocks and if you were inside it felt
like the Jeep was just gonna flip over and roll down the hill but it was a lot
of fun things trying to steal my coffee okay you can have a little bit there you go I guess he needed a morning pick-me-up
to drinking your coffee outside in Cottonwood can be a harrowing experience we are headed down to Prescott Arizona
we’ve never been a lot of people have suggested we go down there there’s
supposedly a great downtown area there’s a Costco we’re excited about that and I
think we’re just gonna slowly make our way through Arizona I think Leo came over here to stay away
from that be one of the reasons I put pants on that and it’s supposed to be
pretty chilly down in Prescott today but we’re gonna go down there make our
Costco run our fridge is almost completely empty so it’s gonna be quite
the haul today at Costco all right bud you love Costco don’t you we always get
you some sort of truth I haven’t seen that B I think it’s gone now I think
it’s also cuz I finished my coffee good boy we don’t usually shop with a cart at
Costco but today is a big holding through a drone come on we don’t have that kind of money don’t say I didn’t try I really want to
drone but as Kate pointed out we just don’t have the budget for one I’m happy
to take the blame I always like to check out the local beers at Costco kilt
lifter I had it the other day it’s okay if I got one I’d probably get the black
Juanita that stuff’s good a lot of stuff at this Costco no tofu
no sweet potatoes I’m picking sure gimme money mo the one in your left you you love digging through the food don’t
you Apple tears are really good sure I had to put the hoodie on it’s getting
a little chilly in here grabbed a salmon bite flowers green bean medley come back peanut butter what is it this is a organic for Noah I
love this stuff I’m gonna dig into it these are so good everyone kept asking
what Ricola are they’re cough drops and I started using them when I would do
conferences and trade shows because my throat would get dry and I’d pop a
couple Ricola now I just like him at night when I read this should last us a few days a321 for vegetables
I’m pretty sure your chili it was really expensive hey there’s still vegetables somehow Kate managed to put all that
stuff away we may live in 90 square feet but that doesn’t mean we can’t shop at
Costco she also made us a great little dinner and now we’re headed off to find
a place to spend the night so back on the road and we will see you next week we just got done a Costco and I wanted
to go to the gym for a bit so I walk into the gym and guess what they’re
doing it’s pizza night buddy I got pizza so I figured it’d have a slice of pizza
and then go work out it’s just amazing what kind of gym gives you pizza before
you go work out or after or after fruits on Monday I love this gym next time a
series of unexpected events as us rethink our plans and our safety. Thank you guys so much for watching. If
you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up, subscribe if you haven’t already and
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We will see you next Wednesday bye.


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