Yoni Steam First Impression – Response to Vaginal Steaming Why You Should Leave Your Vagina Alone

I am about to go and have my very first yoni
steam. Hey, how you doing? I hope you’re going good. Welcome back to my channel. I am Quinn CJ. If you are new, consider subscribing by clicking
that red subscribe button and tapping the bell right beside it. I make videos every week and I would love
it if you would join the family. Okay. So I made it in and it is absolutely beautiful
in this boutique. It’s in the boutique and I have change into
this, so I’m going to go do that. Okay. So at this point, you are probably wondering,
“What the heck are you doing Quinn? What is a yoni? What’s a yoni steam? What’s going on?” So I’m going to explain all of that to you
at the end of the video, so make sure you stay tuned for that. I just want to take a minute to show you how
nice the place looked. And also I want to say if you’re enjoying
this video, go ahead and make sure to give me a big old thumbs-up. I’d appreciate it. See you in a little bit. All right. So I’m coming out looking a lot different
than I did when I was coming in. Trying to find the light… There we go. And I feel amazing, amazing. I totally feel detoxified. As you can tell, I sweated a whole lot, and
it was amazing. I just feel like I had an experience, and
I’m not being extra… or maybe I am being extra, but I’m so serious about what I’m saying. That was awesome. Okay. So let me tell you what happened when I pulled
up. A guy walked to my car and tried to open the
door. He did. So it ended up though that he was looking
for a car that was very similar to mine, because when he noticed that I wasn’t the person,
and he wasn’t getting up in here, he went back across the street and in a couple seconds,
honestly a couple seconds, a car pulled up and it was smaller than my car, but there
it was the same color, and he got in. So I was, “Okay, that was mistaken car identity
there.” Yeah. Funny. All right. So let me tell you what a yoni steam is. What is a yoni, number one. So a yoni another word for… Hold on. Okay. So now that I’ve got that alarm taken care
of, my apologies. A yoni is actually a word that means sacred
space. When it refers to a woman, it is talking about
her vaginal canal or her genitalium, okay? So these are also called V-steams or vaginal
steams. But for this video we’re going to refer to
it as a yoni steam. And let me go ahead and say a quick disclaimer. This is a little controversial in the medical
community, or maybe it’s not. Actually I think it’s pretty cut and dry. The opinion that western medicine has on these
themes, they say no way, no how, you don’t need it, and we know that I am a nurse, and
I have to say that I agree. You don’t need it. But it’s one of those things, just like when
you and get massages, you go and get pedicures, you could do that stuff at home. You don’t necessarily need it, but it’s nice
to have and you can get benefits from it. So let me say that first of all. And even though I make a lot of videos on
western medicine, I also consider myself to be a spiritual person, so I do tend to kind
of lean toward homeopathic or holistic type medicine, or holistic type ways. So you also get some of that on my channel,
and that is what this video is so… Okay, so I’m going to be sharing with you
my personal experience. I’m not at all a expert, but this was my very
first time and I want to give you my first impression of having this done, how everything
went down, what went down, and what I thought of it. Yoni steams, or vaginal steams have been around
for a very long time, for years, and they are said be able to help with uterine fibroids,
cramps during your period. A lot of times women choose to do them after
they’ve had their period, just to kind of cleanse or detoxify. You’ll hear me say, “I felt detoxified,” which
I totally did. So it kind of helps treat different things,
or it can alleviate some symptoms for other things. Now one thing to remember, and I hear it in
a lot of videos that I have watched about this, is if you actually have something going
on down there, so you gots some kind of infection or anything, this is not going to solve that
problem. So you want to go into these steams having
a healthy vagina. Not only are they used to kind of help manage
irregular periods or cramps, things like that, but they are also used as a spiritual thing. So a lot of times they’re done to… When a woman feels like she needs to kind
of cleanse her sacred space, or clear her vibration, things like that. And like I said, I am definitely not an expert
on this, but let me tell you who is. I watched her video, Earth Mama Medicine. I’m going to have a link to her channel down
in the description, because she made a video that’s Yoni Steaming 101. That’s a good video. I watched that video. So I’m a pretty curious person, and when I
come across something that’s interesting to me, I’m, “Mm, I think I want to try this.” And this was one of those things. So actually what I did was I went online and
I tried to find somewhere near me who did the vaginal steam. And that’s when I looked up vaginal steaming
in my area. Came across a place, I was, “Okay.” I scheduled my appointment, went in, and that’s
the footage that you saw at the beginning of this video, was the footage of me actually
going in. I couldn’t do any footage when I was actually
steaming because I was actually in tent type thing, so my whole body… my whole body experienced
this even though I was actually sitting over… I was sitting in a chair, that white chair
you saw… It kind of looked like a throne… I sat in the chair. There was a bowl of herbs and water and the
steam from that came up into my yoni. So I sat over that. It was very comfortable. The thing came around and I sat there for
20 minutes. While I sat there, I also had some water that
I could use… or some water that I could drink, and it was dark. There was some guided meditation playing,
and I just followed the guided meditation and focused on myself, centered myself. Focused on everything that I wanted this steam
to do for me. So the woman who actually administered my
steam seemed super knowledgeable about what was going on. She told me what every one of those herbs
were that was in that mix, and what it was for. So my mix, they mix up different sets of herbs
depending on what your goal is. So mine was, “Okay I don’t have any issues. I just want to experience the detoxification.” So she told me what the herbs were that she
put into the mix, and she explained everything very thoroughly, very detailed. She was awesome and amazing. I do plan on having this again, and when I
do, I will go back to her. I set my intentions. I enjoyed it. I did not get burned at all. I did see on… What’s her name? I think it’s Dr. [Bray 00:08:14] or Dr. [Dray
00:08:14], she made a video not too long ago saying yoni steams were no, no, no, no, no. And that’s why I prefaced this by saying,
“the medical community isn’t really looking too favorably upon this.” So after it was all done, she came back in,
cut the lights on, I got dressed, that was it. And I came out feeling refreshed all over…
say that, and just extra clean I guess I can say, for days after. Right now I’m making this video. I had that steam done three weeks ago, three
weeks ago. And sitting here today I still feel extra
fresh if you… So you can already tell I enjoyed it, and
like I said, I’m going to be going back. If you like this video, go ahead and give
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