Yoni Steam Herbs & Supplies For DIY Steaming

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In this video we are going to be talking about Yoni steam herbs and supplies and where did
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Hey, how you doing? I hope you doin’ good. I am Quinn CJ, if you’re new, welcome. I am a registered nurse and I am your youtube
women’s health coach, so last time I made a video I was telling y’all about my experience
having a Yoni steam done. If you didn’t see that video, I’m going to
put a link to it right here in this white card. You can click that to check it out, but in
this video, I’m going to talk to you more about the herbs that are used and where to
buy them from and where’s it gets other supplies too because you can actually do and you only
see him at home. I went to a spa to have my Yoni steam done,
but I’m kind of thinking that I’m may want to venture into doing it myself. It looks like it’s really simple to do. Speaker 1: (01:04)
You just got to purchase a few things. After having that Yoni steam, I have decided
that Yoni Steams are going to be a part of my self care routine. Um, my spiritual practice from now on, I loved
it just that much. Just that much. In a minute we’re going to go through the
computer screen so you can see what I see. I’ve already done some research and checked
out some different websites that offer the Yoni steam supplies. So if you want like a small, small town like
I’m from, well you can’t go and buy the stuff. You can watch this video and you can see the
websites, you can go to weaken, purchase your things. Now I haven’t already purchased anything so
I cannot vouch for anything, but these are the ones that I am looking at purchasing my
stuff right now. The products I’m going to show you, they do
range in cost, what? They all have very high ratings. So let’s go ahead and get into the video. Let’s go to my computer screen. Speaker 3: (02:08)
Okay, go. So this is the very first one that we’re going
to cover today. This is the Yoni steam or by device. This one is 2125 and right and then I can
even give you an extra six person out. It’s what three things were 2125 it’s my huge
bed and it has five star rating, which is awesome. Even when I go down here to the customer,
people are still afraid to look at me that you get of the thing. So this is definitely a contender for me. Like I told you, I haven’t purchased any of
these people go on and I’m looking at right now. This one is Yoni steam of Tony stating earth
by female miserable. This bag looks a lot smaller. It’s 2175 order to eight states. Unless you subscribe, it’s $25 of course eight
scenes. Speaker 4: (03:07)
Okay. Speaker 3: (03:08)
You’re not, if you don’t do the subscribe and save is $25 for 48 which is still good. It also has pasta. I’ll not, the reviews are good again for this
ceiling. So like I said, this is a contender. This is the third and final one that going
to sites and so y’all have prime. So you know, you get that two-day shipping. This was the only time I took a drink of water. I apologize. This is large Sonia’s badges thing and still
has five-star ratings even though it’s only $10 so you might just be getting a bargain
just to getting a good bargain. Don’t think it’s not good because it’s $10
the bank looks gigantic and the reviews African American. So like I tell y’all up, here’s what I want
to scroll down. And it’s the, if you know, see what the people
feign, it’s already picked it up. So don’t just stop with the bad one. Speaker 3: (04:19)
All right, so that’s number three. Look at here to supply. But let’s come back over here. So this one is actually, this lady makes it
get to the videos she made and use of media and that’s how I get a very good video of
it. It’s video. If I can find it again, I will link it and
it’s lit up in the description. But I love her website. It’s all cues that don’t have anything to
do with the supply. So I’m going to scroll back up and you go
through. That’s the practice is the plaid then in this
case price but it does shit to me. You know. So you do have a shipping cost with this word
now me detox. All right, thank you. Here we are. He orders as far as the original mission is
whereas you also get compensation from her. But what’s your book is just about the earth Speaker 3: (05:34)
description team. I’ve seen a piece, she may be young but I
fit but I’ve also seen others. This product you should have started here. I’ve seen others where mucus product on a
youtube and they have burgers name and she has all five stars on this as well. And like I said, I will have to be actual
website in the first comment. Now this one is I know that you to birth and
if you saw the other video I spoke about Earth Mama medicine in that video because Earth
Mama medicines video was the reason I had my understanding in the very first place. So she also sells her own Yoni steams herbs. It’s $22 she has whole whole website and left
to support small businesses. Um, folk, $22 you’d be at her or which is
amazing. Oh righty. And now onto the actual supplies. So you know you’re going to need something
to actually steam. Speaker 3: (06:39)
That’s the plaque and using herbs in rabbit. So they have these, they have actually only
steam here. That’s $77 that went over there. And you can’t find any real basings for $22. I don’t know. But she would want to use that because it’s
plastic. But it does say it is better for worried and
then do two, six beds in though. So that is going to be something that you
have to decipher it and stuff. I do also know that people do them by just
using pot. You know the pot luck man, clean power ports,
but just using a pattern stupid over it or making their own chairs. People are very innovative. So those are our options. This is thanks steam sauna with a bit of therapy
chair, but yet here are pricey. I’m looking at 70 $80 but old chairs. And the little [inaudible] 29 so that’s something
that you know you may want to do. Speaker 3: (07:33)
This is a website that I found by another getting to her. She sells her supplies. She didn’t sell the herbs. I didn’t see what she sold the actual herbs
but, and I may be wrong, so my chain you shake it up but you’re so sweet. Teas, that word, it was the name of her website
but she sells the share. She said August products. No her but he just hurt because you still
see it’s 120 hours. It is dependent on how much you want to be
in. Y’All. You can fashion would be a little innovative
or you can track some of these as far as it comes to getting an actual seat. But I showed you my top options for this earth
and like I said, if you purchase any of these mixed Sean to come in, come back to this video
on Kamiya so others can come and know where they’re combined with quality herbs. And even if you know of somewhere that I didn’t
speak about, go ahead and comment that below. You have a recommendation coming down below
because the total job I can remember, I started getting into this theme and I would like to
do it at home. So if you have some suggestions, I want to
know them, share them with us, a few teams I rep. Okay, so now you know where you can get your
Yoni steam or Speaker 1: (08:56)
and supplies from. Thank you for tuning into this video. I love you for watching. Make sure you click this picture. I’m a face right here. If you would like to join the community to
continue watching more videos from me, you can click this box here or this box here. I will see you in the next video.


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