You Are Not Allowed To Laugh At These Memes !

I always spank my do who’s your daddy alright now we’re going to cover let it
rest you John this is how you stupid Nona was 19 I kind of guy had
the why white people not 9 plus T naught naught 0 but you won’t notice it that’s the
important part you won’t like it you know yeah what thing yeah you look at the camera good
you mind if we borrow your pet Bush we’re vegetarians you know a dog is
wagging you should go a beer Osama bin my mama told me to leave the house and
not come back but the gag is I stole the car period
the road not taken by Robert Frost two roads diverged in a yellow wood
Chucky’s can you fortnight default dance for me No you hey guys so I’m eating chocolate for the
first time so morning and done a sandwich shot glass actually no it doesn’t it’s my new
Kendall son then what’s that right there what do you want I should myself you
know what I’m about to say it I would roast you but my mom said I’m not
allowed to burn trash then bitches they never had a toaster strudel I’m lesbian
I thought you were American okay so this one’s gonna be for all you ladies out
there if a guy does something nice for you like saying make you dinner just eat
it and say thank you because there’s no need for all this who are you and how
did you get inside my house or why did you microwave my cat there’s no need for
that just be grateful hey everybody it’s my first day in the hood I’m super
excited to make some new friends yo what’s good first week in the hood the
homies just invited me to the cookout yo what’s good niggas one month in the hood
that is me sharkeisha pregnant I had to dip when I hope I don’t all right
awesome so tell me a little bit about yourself what do you like to do in your
free time well I’m actually
big on this app called tick-tock oh that’s really cool so like what kind of
stuff do you do on there oh well sometimes I’ll go uh-huh and then I’ll
go and then sometimes I’ll just do you know okay yeah get the fuck out of my
office okay hey what rhymes with orange no it doesn’t what’s the word what does
not rhyme with the word order what are you saying
what rhymes with orange they don’t run this is why no one likes you Jim q I’m not cute I mean my parents call me
cute but honestly I’ve never heard it from someone else before thanks I guess
yeah chlamydia I don’t have chlamydia
I need Mike Harris have chlamydia but I’ve never gotten it from anyone else
before thanks I got black I’m not black I mean I don’t have a dad but I’ve never
heard I’m black from someone else before thanks I guess yeah why are you no way I
mean I do have sexual issues with my cousins but no one’s ever called me
white I mean thanks I know I know you belong to the song but
I knew but tonight you to me


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