(silence) Skrattar… Förlorar Mannan Hej allihopa vad trevligt att träffas er.
(Hello everyone! Nice to meet you.) Nu är det så att om du skrattar så förlorar du.
(Now, if you laugh, you lose.) very well the contract as been sealed let’s begin the challenge of skrattar du förlorar du Today we have the sports editon of skrattar du förlorar du Thats right Sports are so funny I cant stop laughing Sorry i was just thinking about sports Let’s do the sports edition of skrattar du förlorar du thats a definitely a good idea jesus oh my god damn wamen dont play around that is not skrattar that is concerna meanwhile men playing football why is football (voice) “known as soccer” just the lamest sport of all time thanks to this sort of thing sports is just so stupid does anyone actually watch sports unironically? you know how old people are like why would you watch someone else play a video game (Gibberish) why would you watch sports then thats like 10 times worse dont get it what am i supposed to do then, huh he became a ball damn wrestling sure is tough This is literally me anytime i get in a fight with someone. Caption me as the ball, and the wrestler as my responsibilities And you got yourself an epic tumblr gif right there. Oh, i almost Skrattar Sorry, sorry. I was just thinking about gifs (with j) Gifs, i thought about gifs So funny.. they just make me laugh. Almost as funny as sports. Is all of these without sound, like what the heck? Zero, three Oh here comes the tears. Oh no my team is losing. It keeps happening. Oh yes Zero, Five?! Zero, Six When did this happen? Jesus Oh my god You’re crying. Pathetic Oh my god Why are they crying? (mocking voice) You don’t get it man, you just don’t care about sports. Huh, i guess i don’t. Jesus Christ Pathetic Alright the sports idea clearly isn’t worth it Aaa… Just gonna get a lot hate From you scumbags Who thinks sports is cool I bet you I can beat you in any sports I’ll have you know I’m extremely athletic Cuckold, a cuckold is a man whose wife is promiscuous to his face and everybody knows. Exactly, exactly. Um, in this particular scene um This is a a genre of film?! Uh yeah! Yeah, very popular genre. Um, like I said I’ve done several of these Have you played the cuckold? I was just recognized for the award at the AVN awards for best uhhh cuckold. Um uhh And uh in this particular scene my wife is uh shaming me- Who – now who plays your wife? Oh uh, my actual wife. That’s Debbie?! Yeah. You can’t see with the- you can’t see her entire face uh, it’s a, he’s a pretty big guy Wait a minute, wait a minute There’s an African American man- (Laughs) That can’t be real That must have been a sketch That’s so good Have you Skrattar yet? Let me know in the comments right now Maybe the sports bit was a bit too much for youu.. I know We have some pretty funny clips here I’m basically the new Ray William Johnson But at least I don’t throw a black baby around That bit was hilarious Oh you don’t believe me? Sive is editing right now And he’s literally shaking in anger I know sive this is some pretty outrageous racism Can’t believe it For my favorite YouTuber Ray William Johnson Who inspired me to create this show myself By laughing at funny clips I love it I just love it I mean I hate it It’s upsetting That’s what I meant Sorry.. I got it all mixed up Okay.. alright.. you ta.. you talking to me? Oh I didn’t recognize him I bet brad.. brad is so into D&D He would love this soo.. Brad: Hi everybody Brad: Its me Brad Woto Brad: We started a D&D sort of collaborative effort… (Brad being cut off mid sentence) I.. I feel like brad would appreciate this one (Laughs) Sports and D&D they are equally bad That’s just how it is (Long silence) (Still keep going) (Almost there…) (Just a little more) Sorry (clears throat) Next clip everyone.. This is Australian Rick and Morty? Yup.. Rick and Morty summarized everyone There you go Fantastic.. Is this official? That’s the Adult Swim on it That’s awesome If it is (She is deaf, as she never listen to anything she dosent know how to speak… or sing) (Mating call of the Beluga Whale) (Mating call of the Beluga Whale continues…) (Mating call of the Beluga Whale is still going on strongly) (How she is singing something she never listen to? it’s because the music comes from her soul) What is happening?? (no clue) (Crying sound of a Blue Whale dying) What is going on?? (idk) (The Dying sounds of a Dog 🙁 continues) How is this real?? (¯_(ツ)_/¯) The sounds of the Dinosaurs when they met their fate. (Laughs? Or in pain? Or Both?) (The sounds of a death woman singing a song) (Clapping Proud) That was beautiful.. (Continues Clapping Proud) What.. in the world? I feel like someone is gonna explain to me in the comments And they are gonna be like “Excuse me Felix she’s suffering from bla blalah and I can’t believe you’re so insensitive” Like what am I.. I.. what is this? I don’t know! They are speaking crazy language! Eastern European countries are so weird.. don’t know what’s happening.. (voice cracks) Is it edited?! I don’t know? Let’s watch that one again.. This is one.. just one more quick little watch.. I feel like I’m going crazy (Same) I don’t.. I can’t.. I can’t explain what.. I don’t want to see that ever again Fine.. Okay.. Fine.. You made me chuckle.. What do you want? (Laughs) Jesus Christ.. Jesus Christ.. Jesus! Its terrifying Oh thank god.. Great.. I feel like now I know How I’m going to die Look good! (Felix slowly dying inside) (“Why are we still here, just to suffer”) Now I know.. How I’m going to die.. (I predicted it.. wow) That is genuinely.. Terrifying.. (Agree) (Reads comment on screen) (The expression of “A VERY BAD IDEA”) Ehhh… (mocking voice) Screw it I’m gonna do it.. (Your gonna regret it) (mocking voice) I don’t care about the consequences (Soon you will) Okay.. Oh my god.. Are you ready? (no) (Please take off your headphones for your safety) (The sound of suffering souls) (RIP headphone users..if any) (This is geting out of hand) (Sorry to HEAR that) Ooo.. Oooo.. Ooo.. Ooo.. Oooo… Oooo yes.. Yes.. (Copying the men in the clip) (Looks painful..) (Copying the men in the clip but in pain) (It goes on forever..) (Copying the men in the clip but in pain, part 2) (Copying the men in the clip but laughing instead) What is happening?? (No idea) I’m scared (You should be) I’m confused (So am I) This whole episode (So am I) It started off with sports.. (We know) What is happening?? Please.. No.. I don’t want anymore nightmares.. (Same) Please.. (Finally stopped.. thank god) Goddammit.. That’s it for this week.. Skrattar du förlorar du It was a wide range of emotions (Sure was) But we made it through everybody (Thank god for that) So make sure you leave a like if you skrattar.. And a like if you förlorar (So either way it doesn’t matter) And I will see you next time (Ofc you will) Goodbye (Bye..)


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