You Smile 2x πŸ‘‰ You Lose

what you stupid, Jana was nine place time I said I’ve always sort of liked you that kind of hurt me though causes like
why would you paint man love me are you sorry to know me like you know ain’t
going you friends I put my dick in a bag of Doritos and
made this like a bitch suck the dust off the tip I get what my dad left your
fucking fucking fucking noob love you bloody you lucky bastard bitch you look
fun listen I’ll be honest with you I’m kind of retarded welcome to my getting thousands of flu
shots whoo I’m sweating a little bit right now dizzy
yeah her a cup of water we’re gonna stop while you get that water in yeah Oh what is wrong with you go yo Mike oh
shit bullshit Oh sound like the do lamented the boola
bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Judy Jiwan ready for impasse


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