YOUR Sister vs MY Sister – Types of Sisters | #Roleplay #Fun #Sketch #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

Shruti do it fast… Yes have you all completed your assignments?? so who’ll be showing first?? No, I can’t bear you for the whole video but you do using your ear phones :-)) and hit 2,00,000 Likes Mummy is calling you what she cooked? Bitter gourd its my favourite Mummy is calling you……. did it hurt?? No its ok yes!! got the hashtag my skin is getting damage then brush it what Use this Wow’s Face Wash brush its too soft and fluffy this contains Apple Cider Vinegar which prevent Bacteria and the Monsoon is coming and this bacterial infection leads to pimples and its far apart from that two enemies its free from Paraben and Sulfate also it contains Vitamin E means it will repair my damaged skin too Your skin is good and soft as I do Brush which brush?? Shruti Buy some veggies from Market wait.. I’ll bring it Toilet paper?? where’s toilet paper?? what’s this?? its poop but how it looks black since then you haven’t given me tissue paper now I’ll put it on you what happen why are you sad? I ain’t be able to go to meet my Boyfriend why?? have you seen this sunny day… all my makeup will get melt what if he get to know about my face hmmm… Use matte Sunscreen what’s this ?? it comes with SPF 35, 45 and 55 too but paraben?? see its Paraben, Silicon and mineral oil free its dermatologically tested and water resistant too its Tuesday.. I had to go for a Party but how I’ll go with these moustaches :-)) wait I’ll remove it Your makeup is looking awesome you have bigger eyes just like mom wish I were too have big eyes then would do Makeup like you you are looking awesome you don’t have any right that you look so beautiful….. You’re in misconceptions my dear.. your nose is looking like poop even a dog’s poop is much better than your face Cheeks like Monkey’s bum and hair are like animal’s tail this dress too loose I know stitching.. Give it to me I’ll fix it have my this dress from Zara what had happened to the light power cut so how did you like these two crazy sisters and do tell us the sequence which you found the most funniest yeah do Check out description box for the amazing Wow Products


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