Youtube Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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Addison here and on today’s video we’re going to be talking about YouTube
Affiliate Marketing For Beginners now if this is the first time here on my
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that you need to do to crush it in Affiliate Marketing
now with that we’re going to jump over to the computer alright so we’ve made it
to the computer so what I’m going to do is I’m going to first explain what
affiliate marketing is then after that I’m going to go over to specific proven
methods that I’ve actually used and not just just talking giving you a method
that I didn’t actually get results from I like to show you know things that I’ve
actually gotten results from right so that Dan said I’m going to go ahead and
tell you what affiliate marketing is and then I’m going to go over the two
methods all right so affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s
products for a percentage of the earnings right that’s simply what
affiliate marketing is you don’t have to have a website everything is pretty much
laid out for you right most times the email follow-up the sales page pretty
much everything is done for you right that’s affiliate marketing now I want to
go over the two methods right so the first method is called lunch
jacking now what is lunch decking launch jacking is where you put up a product
review a couple days before a lunch actually happens so I’m giving an
example right so let’s just say I had a product coming out and I had a bunch of
affiliates doubt that we’re probably going to be promoting it right what they
would do what one of the affiliates would do is rank a video go ahead and do
a product review before my product even comes out now when my product comes out
what’s going to happen right most of the big leaders they’re
going to send an email out to their list once they send that email up to their
list your list is going to see you know check out that product so you can see
what’s up with it now everyone is not going to buy from the email most people
actually want to go out and do some research right now think about for a
second the people who the people who rank their video or duel are jacking the
people that do that whether they’re doing it on Google or they’re doing it
on YouTube what’s going to happen is those people who want some more research
they’re going to find the people who rank their videos earlier because when
you rank your videos a day or two before the product comes out you’re going to
get a lot of traffic because what happens on last day most people they’re
going to see hey this new product is coming out or the particular platform
that you’re using to host a product depending on if you decide to have your
have like a mini banner ad where people can find your product or whatever those
people are going to see it right so when they start searching they’re going to
see you first because you rank their video when there wasn’t even any results
about that video so let’s just say that video was called evergreen Video
Marketing System or something like that right now let’s say you rank for that
term boom they go searching because that email was sent out to them now they’re
finding your your problem you promoting the product right so that’s launch
stacking alright so the next method is existing products right so this could be
Amazon products this could be Clickbank products
this can be network marketing products so say you’re promoting your visit or
affiliate marketing products right it can be any one of those products that
have already been out so let’s just say the product has been out for six months
or some or a year or something like that right because you have you have where
you can rank evergreen videos as well so most times that
more effectively you’re doing it with a network marketing company because most
times people new people come on the internet every single day right so when
they’re searching hey let’s see if I can find you know a pretty good opportunity
and they go out and they search for that opportunity they find your video right
they weren’t intentionally looking looking for you but they were looking
for a review on a particular network marketing company right so the second
method I’ve actually used it myself right in our go into one of my back
offices and I’ll show you the results that I was actually able to make using
the existing method all right so give me just a second here all right so I’m
going to log in to one of my back offices all right let’s go to the
dashboard right let’s get this thing rolling all right so let me love alright alright so I’m logging here in the back
office so what I want to be showing you is you know the results that I was able
to make now keep in mind what I’m going to be showing you is all profit all of
this has been made just you just ranking a video right and this was an existing
video so it was a lot more competitive and that’s something that you want to
keep in mind is if you’re doing launch jacking most likely there’s not going to
be any results for a particular video most times right now depending on if a
product has a 1.0 or 2.0 version sometimes you’ll run into a little bit
more little bit more of an issue where it’s a little bit more competitive now
if it’s if it’s a existing product it may be a little bit competitive
factually rate for cuz it’s been around a while and there’s probably tons of
affiliates that have already promoted it you just have to be able to turn it
around you know do some reverse engineering that the algorithm
and you’ll be able to get your video ring all right so this is my mid side of
my back office and I want to go over here to Affiliate tab right all right so
I just loaded up I’m going to show you what I was able to make with this
particular company all right so let me go ahead and scroll down here go to the
Commission’s tab just a second here alright so as you can see as I scroll
down here it’s going a little bit slow as I scroll down alright it’s a little
bit slow with just a second alright so right here you can see that I’ve made
thirteen hundred and forty dollars right now keep in mind all of that was
prompted all that was from ranking this video I alway even actually showed you
the video that I ranked to get these results alright so if I go back to
YouTube and I’m going to go ahead and go to an incognito window now the reason
I’m doing this is because this will show me accurate rankings right alright so
let’s go to new incognito window alright so I want to go to YouTube now when I go
to YouTube you’re going to notice that I’m no longer logged in and that was the
whole point of me going to an incognito browser so it’ll show me those accurate
results alright so I’m going to type in this keyword right here and this is
actually pretty competitive at this point and especially at the point that I
was actually trying to rank so it was actually good to be able to have rank
this video online sales Pro review alright so as you can see right here I’m
ranking number two for this particular keyword right so out of nine hundred and
sixty-five nine hundred sixty-five hundred thousand results I’m ranked
number two so just imagine the amount of traffic that I was getting and I’m still
getting today which is allowing me to generate leads and generate sales which
as you can see I just showed you in two my back offices and one of the
particular affiliate programs that I promote and there’s fourteen hundred and
forty dollars right so that was Youtube Affiliate Marketing For Beginners amount of time I’m not going to say that
it was in a week right it took a little bit of time because this is based on
people searching for a particular you know issues that they’re having right
they’re trying to find solutions so you’re not going to always be generating
traffic but most of the time like if you’re ranked within between number one
to three you’re going to be getting a lot of traffic even if you’re just on
the first page in general all right so that was into my back office I’ll go
ahead and log out of that right all right so all right so we’re back to the
sketchpad now what I was going to do on this I was just going to basically break
down the process of what I just basically took you through so the
process is boom you have a product right so I’m just going to draw a little P
right here this will stand for the product you go out you find the product
you find you know what the product has to offer now you create a YouTube video
right now this is going to be based off of a review right there’s going to be a
product review talking about the products talking about certain things
that are going to benefit certain people and you know with this product right
boom that’s your YouTube video so I’ll just
put YT right boom now this is where you reverse engineer the algorithm depending
on if it’s an existing product if it’s an existing product that’s actually been
around a while and it’s not new like I said it’s going to be a lot more
competitive to rank then if it’s just a lunch jacking video right so if it’s
launched jacking you’re just going to do this video and there’s not going to be
too much results because like I said it’s a brand new product that hasn’t
even came out yet you’re just preparing to collect all the traffic alright so
but if it’s an abyss existing video 20 product YouTube review
reverse engineering the YouTube algorithm now I’ve actually done a
training where I show you exactly how to get your videos to the top of the
YouTube to the first page of YouTube depending on the particular search term
and I’ll actually leave that training down in the description box all you have
to do is just scroll down and just click the link and you’ll get access to that
training alright so basically I’m showing you here like I say a product
YouTube video and then if its launch jacking just YouTube video and just rank
it and then if its existing of course you’re going to have to put a little bit
more work in than if it’s a lost jacket right so that’s pretty much the end of
that process right so boom boom and last process is it’s ranked and it’s on the
first page so I’ll just put a one here right once it’s here if it’s on the
first page I’m going to explain that I want to tell you that it should if
you’re in the first two the depends the first two the fourth spot you’re going
to be getting a lot of traffic I’m just saying if it’s a real competitive
keyword and you rank it and you keep that ranking you’re going to be getting
a lot of traffic alright so that’s pretty much the method you know I just
want to kind of break down YouTube Affiliate Marketing For Beginners right
so maybe now you feel a little bit more secure you feel a little bit more
confident on some strategies that you could be you know using inside of your
business to really start crushing it so with that being said if you got value
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