YouTube Algorithm 2018 & How to TRIGGER Suggested Views

– This is part two of how
you can drive more views through suggested videos. (smooth jazz) – [Announcer] Brian G. Johnson. – So check it out. I’ve never really shared
these strategies and tactics, except for in my paid group on how to drive views
through suggested videos. This is part one. Easy opportunity ritual. On February 28th, 2017,
I uploaded this video, YouTube Algorithm – How
to Grow On YouTube Fast. And at about the same time,
in fact, on February 22nd of 2017, Derral Eves published this video on the YouTube algorithm, How to Grow on YouTube Fast – Decoding the New YouTube Algorithm 2017. And, as you can see here
in my YouTube analytics, this video drove a total of 3,371 views in the first 28 days of its release. And you’ll notice that suggested videos accounted for 39% of the
views during that time period. And here’s where it
gets really interesting. You see, just one video drove
the majority of those views through suggested videos. And that’s the video that
Derral Eves published. Now, why did this happen? The answer lies, again, in
the deep neural networks for YouTube recommendations. Check out this statement. “Our final ranking objective
is constantly being “tuned based on live A/B testing results, “but is generally a simple
function of expected watch time “per impression.” Here’s the bottom line. YouTube measures watchtime
in many different ways, one of which is accumulated watchtime. Stick with me, this is powerful. Now, when a big YouTuber
has just published a video, they don’t have a lot
of accumulated watchtime with the video in question. Thus, it’s easier to show
up in suggested videos when you publish around the
same time as a big YouTuber in your niche. Step number two, ritual repeat. This strategy is very powerful, and has allowed me to drive 3,400 views in the first 19 hours
of a video’s release. It’s based on being topical and covering the same subject in depth. If you’re a subscriber,
you’ve heard me talk about this statement about user history, but we haven’t really gone
into the last sentence that’s highlighted. “When was the last time the user “watched a video on this topic?” You see, one of the things YouTube does is to pay attention to
what users are watching. The words that are in the title
and the tags of the video. And if YouTube sees a user
as watching a bunch of videos on a particular subject,
they’re gonna be more likely to serve that video to that
user again in the future. And this is where you can be smart by covering a topic in depth. Think about it. The first time you publish
a video, you bring a group of people in and they’ve
watched a video on that topic. Then you release another
video on that topic, and YouTube serves the
video to those users again. And about the fifth
time, you get this, like, Ka-Boom kind of impact, and that’s why it’s
called the ritual repeat. If you want to not only
upload, but amplify, your videos, make sure to subscribe and click the bell notification
and you won’t miss anything. Let’s carry on. Step number three, the
watchtime multiplier. Now we know that YouTube
rewards engaging videos that keep viewers watching longer. They’ve said it again and again. So it’s our job, it’s our duty, to keep viewers watching. One of the things I’ve been doing, I didn’t really even plan it. It just kind of happened, was, I started mentioning, “By the
way, if you’re a subscriber, “keep watching.” And doing this has resulted
in viewers watching longer. In fact, those in the tube
ritual community have told me that it works, I’m watching longer, thanks for that, I was
thinking of clicking off. Here’s what you want to do. If you’re about halfway through the video, just tell viewers,
specifically subscribers, to continue watching. And then it’s important to tell them why. What are they gonna get out of it? Obviously I’ve got something to share that you don’t want to miss. And then it’s critical
that you back that up. That you share something
that really provides that a-ha moment for them. When you do that, they’re
gonna be more likely to watch a future video. Furthermore, they’re gonna be more likely to watch the video they’re watching now. That will increase your
retention, your watchtime, and help you get into suggested videos, and that’s a good thing. Next up, we’ve gotta
talk about view velocity. Oops. Hey, things aren’t always perfect. Course forward anyway. So, view velocity is the amount of views in the first 24 to 72 hours. And as you can see in this
image from Morning Fame, the video I released just yesterday really did an amazing job. When it comes to velocity, it’s currently my number one video. Awesome. But how do you actually drive those views? Step number four, the
video trailer ritual. Now, we’ve all heard
about a channel trailer, but have you ever thought
about a video trailer? One video, one video,
designed to notify subscribers that you’ve got something special coming. You see, here’s what’s up. Every once in a while, I
think it makes a lot of sense to create what’s called a hero video. A hero video is something you
work just a bit harder on. It’s something that you really plan out. And doing so has allowed me
to get into suggested videos, has allowed me to drive more views, and do great. But when I do that, I
really wanna make sure that my subscribers know. I wanna give them a heads up. Now, your channel trailer should be short, to the point, and convey
a number of things. Number one, why should
viewers, subscribers, watch? Number two, tell them to watch longer. If you’ve taken the time
to really deliver value, let them know, “Hey, it’s a bit longer, “but there’s a lot of
good stuff in the video.” Number three, if they’ve been subscribers, ask them to share. So this is kind of interesting. I don’t ask members of my
community or my subscribers to share often. But when I do, I do my
best to create something they really dig, and
the results have been, they share a lot. Now, I’ll talk more about getting shares, because that’s part of
an upcoming strategy. Tip number five, your own YouTube gang. It’s not about collaborations as much as it is forging
relationships with people you can work with to all come up together. For example, back in the
day, Nick Nimmin and I had a couple thousand subscribers each. We really started to share ideas, we became fast friends,
and we support each other. This is where it gets really good. In the future, you’re gonna gain access to the community tab. Now, I’ve been using the community tab to share images, pictures, I’ve been sharing my own videos, and I’ve also been sharing
videos from Nick Nimmin. And, yeah, Nick’s been
sharing a lot of my videos. Now, think about this. Not only do you get more views. Not only do you get more subscribers. Think about the kind of impact and signal that that sends to YouTube. Think about what happens
when YouTube sees people sharing your video from Facebook
again and again and again. And think about what happens when YouTube sees your video showing up on other creators’ community tab. That’s the new algorithm of 2018. So get to know people and forge relationships,
and help each other grow. It’s powerful. Step number six, the social share ritual. So about a week ago, I asked
members in a Facebook group if they’d be willing to
share a special video I was working on. And the result was tremendous, with so many people
replying they’d love to. Now, here’s where people
kind of mix this up. It’s a lot less about promotion. In the future, I’m gonna make a video about YouTube video promotion, and how to promote your video. But it’ll be more about
think less about promotion and more about community. You see, most of the time, in this particular group on Facebook, I don’t necessarily just share
my videos again and again. I share a lot of videos, but just as often, I share
tips, I share strategies, I ask for feedback, I comment
on other people’s posts, I engage and slowly, I gain trust. Slowly, people get to
know, like, and trust me. And after I’ve built that
up, then they’re gonna be a lot more likely to support my efforts. And the same thing can work for you. So as you move forward,
think less about this whole shotgun approach to, like, promotion and going to all the
sites, Reddit and Twitter, and instead focus on a community. Focus on a group. Show up often, and as you
do that, you will build up street cred, if you will. And then, when it’s your
turn, ask people to share and see what happens. Tip, you wanna ask people
before the video is released. Once the video is released,
then link to the said video and say, “Here’s the video to share.” Very powerful, works incredibly well. And step or tip number
seven, the hero video ritual. Now, leveraging this hero video strategy has allowed me to drive as
much as six, seven, even eight hundred views per
day with just one video. Check out the video in
the YouTube card now to learn how you can do it too. Do this, stake your claim,
and amplify your message. Do that by subscribing. Click the yellow B to the G
icon and I’ll continue to share the strategies and tactics
that have allowed me to gain 30,000 subscribers
in less than two years. And you’ll feed a poodle. I got two, and they’re
at the daycare today. Peace.


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