YouTube Partner Program 2018

– So YouTube has made their move. And now, you get to make your move. Of course, I’m talking about the changes that have been made to monetization, and the requirements
that you need to achieve in order to move forward
and monetize your channel. Now in the past, you needed
10,000 views to be considered. At which point, YouTube
would review your channel, and then you would gain access to what’s called the partner program. Monetization. Now, however, the requirement
is 1,000 subscribers, as well as 4,000 hours of watch time that your channel has accumulated
over the last 12 months. So I get that growing a
channel is a struggle. You know, I’ve been on YouTube since 2007. I’ve published about five channels, and they all were a failure until I published Brian G Johnson TV. In the early days of this channel, it was really a struggle to
get things off the ground. However, one of the things they say is, “The measure of a man or women, “is not what happens to them
in life, but how they react.” And right now I see a
whole bunch of people really being reactive to this problem. And here’s something to think about, you know, the more the mind thinks about a particular
subject, the more it grows. And you might be frustrated, you might feel like YouTube
doesn’t understand you, and YouTube is not helping
me to grow my channel. And that frustration might get pent up, and you might create a
video, or post to the web, and other people with similar
viewpoints are gonna chime in, and then what you’re thinking about is gonna become more real. And if that frustration grows for YouTube, you’re not thinking about
how to grow your channel, you’re not thinking about how
you can improve your videos, which is the path to growth. Your focused on how
YouTube is doing you wrong. And that my friend is a shame, because what we’re talking about, in the grand scheme of
things, is a few dollars. When you get to 10,000 views,
and those views are monetized, we’re talking about five, six to $20. You can’t control what YouTube does when it comes to their policies. But you can control how you act, what you focus on, and what you do. Make no mistake, YouTube is
not out to get your channel. YouTube is not out to
punish small YouTubers. YouTube is protecting the
thing that’s most important, and that is the advertisers. Because if the advertisers walk away, nobody gets paid,
YouTube doesn’t get paid. How are they supposed
to pay for file storage? All those videos that are
getting uploaded to YouTube, how are they supposed to
pay for the bandwidth? Can you imagine the
bandwidth bill for YouTube? How are they supposed
to pay the developers to continue to update and
keep the platform modern? It’s the advertisers that hold the cards. Don’t think that YouTube
is out to get you. You can do the thing you set out to do. This is a small hurdle
that you’ve gotta overcome. And I know you can. Without question, it is difficult. It sucks, and it is a struggle. And I feel for anybody
that’s in that position, because I struggle too. It doesn’t matter how many you have, subscribers of views, you want more. You wanna do something
worthwhile in your life. But if you focus on other things that are out of your control, how can you find the
time to course forward and focus on what matters most? And that’s making the
changes and improvements to your videos, so you can grow. No other platform on the planet has paid creators like YouTube. No other platform on the planet has changed peoples lives like YouTube. At 12 years old, Bieber was posting homemade videos
of himself on YouTube, and industry insiders
started taking notice. This is Justin Bieber today. This is Arnel Pineda at 16 years of age. He posted videos of himself to YouTube. And this is Neal Schon, founding member and lead guitarist for
the rock band Journey. Neal shares the story of taking
matters into his own hands when trying to find a replacement
singer for Steve Perry, who fronted Journey during
their heyday in the 80s. And where did Neal find Arnel? Indeed, it was YouTube. And today he’s part of the rock band, singing out to sold out stadiums, and he has achieved his life goal. So yeah, YouTube just made their move, and now you get to make yours. For me, I’m coursing forward. I’m gonna stake my claim,
I’m gonna amplify my message, and in the process I’m gonna inspire. What are you gonna do? (soft guitar music)


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