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– YouTube video editing tips and tricks. You see a great video is born in the edit, and these tips will help
you create just that, a great video. – [Man] Brian G Johnson! Hey, it’s me Brian G, welcome back. If it’s your first time, stake your claim and amplify your message, subscribe, and click the bell notification and you’ll be on your way. Filmmaker turned YouTuber Casey Neistat, with over eight million subscribers, once said that a great
video is born in the edit. It’s true. And these seven steps can
make it happen for you. YouTube editing tip
number one, 15 seconds. You see we’re talking about YouTube, also known as Attention Deficit Theater. If a viewer watching
your video gets bored, there’s a high probability
they’ll click off and leave your video, leave your channel. However, by cutting into another scene, by leveraging B-roll,
by adding text effects, or sound effects, you’ll create interest. You’ll create engaging videos
that keep viewers watching, which is exactly the thing that YouTube has said they reward. So as you sit down to edit that video, make sure you cut to a new scene or angle about ever 15 seconds. Check it out, this photo was
taken with my iPhone years ago, and it’s a pretty darn good photo. Plenty good enough for YouTube. Then I added text to the
photo using my phone or iPad, with a $2 app called, well, Word Swag. Now if you don’t have $2, no problem, there are plenty of
similar apps that are free. So as you’re out and about,
take great pictures of you, or your friends, a scenic
view of an interesting object. And when you add those to your videos, well that’ll add interest
and keep viewers watching. And that’s a good thing. Video editing tip number two, let’s talk more about
photos and screen captures. You know what’s interesting is most people when they’re starting out on YouTube, they think it’s all about the gear. Like, this fancy Canon 70D. But as you get started
really doing this stuff, making the videos, taking the photos, you’ll find it’s a lot
less about the gear, and more the creative
ways in which you use it. So here are a few tips for your photos. If you’re taking photos of a person, make sure they’re wearing
just basic colors. You don’t wan patterns or stripes. In fact, that can really
interfere with the photo quality, and the video quality
of your YouTube videos. Now, if you’re shooting photos outdoors, the same kind of principle applies. And that is the view should be simple and easy to understand. Like these pictures that were shot at the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. Tan sand, bright blue sky, really create high contrast
and powerful pictures. And lastly, you wanna have
the light source on your back if you’re taking the photo. Doing this will fully
illuminate the subject, and create a tremendous photo. YouTube editing tip number
three, the premeditated jump cut. Great videos are premeditated, that is you think about what
the video is gonna become, you shoot the footage, and in that process it allows you a lot of
creative opportunity. This is what I mean. Now in tip number one
I mentioned 15 seconds, in that you wanna change up
the frame every 15 seconds. And I can do that by just repositioning my body, like I just did. It was pretty easy. This is what I did, I stepped
from one side to the next, maybe I’ll get in the center of the frame and lean in for dramatic defect. (evil laugh) And because you know the subject matter, because you know what
the video will become, you can make the subtle changes, you can keep the interest
and engagement high, and you’ll win. Now, another poplar edit here
on YouTube is called the, what did I call it? It’s called the talk over. And the idea is simple. You see, you simply create a voice over, or you narrate what’s
happening in the video, and you go through scene
number one in this manner. Then you create scene number two. Now, what you do for scene number two is you don’t talk at all. You just kinda look at the camera, or you make some movements,
maybe a funny face. – [Brian Voiceover] Or maybe
you hold a sign like this. – And then you simply remove
the audio from the first clip and you take the second clip
where you’re not really talking and you simply merge the two together, and that’s the result you get. – [Brian Voiceover] Cool! – YouTube video editing tip
number four, show versus tell. You see here’s what’s up. Lots of YouTubers create videos and they tell you what they did. And that’s pretty good and
can result in good results. If you want great results though, make sure to take your phone with you. I mean, you already do, right? You’ve got your phone with
you, so document everything. Take a lot of photos. Many of which probably won’t
work, or look that great. But the more photos you take, the more likely you’ll take a great photo of something that happened that you’re talking about in a video, and then you can use that as B-roll. Wicked. And you’ve already got
your phone with you, so take some video. That’s what’s so fun about YouTube. You see, a great video edit is about mashing up all kinds
of elements or layers. We got audio, we’ve got
music, and sound effects, and B-roll, and text, and lots more. And great video editors
create an amazing story, leveraging all of these elements together. Don’t just tell the viewers about that cool trip you
took to Beaver Creek, and how you drove through
the mountians, show them. Don’t tell them about the amazing ice skating event that
took place, show them. All you need is your phone. And as this YouTube
things starts to take off, then upgrade to one of these. This is a Sony RX100,
which is a simple camera that allows anybody to take
powerful pictures and video. Absolutely perfect for YouTube. And tip number five, the
other half of video is audio. That’s sound effects, that’s music. Whether it’s an intro, and outro, or the background track
that you use in your videos. A great music track can add so much depth. A sound effect can bring
your video to life. Can you imagine the movies that
we love, without any music? It’s horrible to think of. (sad music) So take the time to add the audio. You can download it for free
in the YouTube creator studio. And again, upgrade later as you start making money
with your YouTube channel. Hey, I’d love to know, wanna
know more about the money? Leave me a yes or a no
down below in the comments. And I think this tip number six here is the most important one. Experiment. Try different things, be willing to fail. Try the white backdrop,
the colored backdrop, try no backdrop. Oh, you gotta backdrop right? Try LED lights, try black and white. Repeat clips like I did in this video. This was an accident. This was a simple video that I filmed on my iPhone on Halloween, and I accidentally duplicated
a clip and got this effect. You see, messing up is a beautiful thing that allows us to become
better video editors. And tip number seven, text, transitions, and motion graphics,
specifically for YouTube. Here’s what’s cool, there
are a lot of sites online that you can use to
download audio, transitions, and clips specifically
designed to improve your video. And this kind of thing can absolutely grow your channel a lot faster. Like this motion graphic
that prompts viewers to subscribe and click
the bell notification. And you can actually download that clip, and so many more like it. Transitions, effects, images, even professional voice-overs. Voice-over! – [Man] Number three. Number two. Number one. – Now you may or may not
have heard of Tuber Tools, it’s a site for YouTubers,
created by a YouTuber. In fact it was created by this guy. YouTuber extraordinaire Nick Nimmin. Now I’ve got a link to Tuber Tools down in the description below. Check it out, it is my affiliate link. And you’ll be able to download lots of amazing motion graphics, audio files, and lots more,
that will take your videos and your video editing to the next level. You see, this channel
is all about helping you to stake your claim and
amplify your message. Do that by subscribing. Click on the yellow B
to the G icon bellow, you’ll subscribe, and I’ll continue to share the strategies and tactics that are allowing me to grow a channel, and you’ll feed a poodle! (guitar chord strums) I got two, and they’re hungry. You dig? (gentle guitar picking)


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